$5 Video Courses at EduPow


EduPow is a start-up website with a mission to provide affordable learning. They invite anyone with a passion about any topic to create a 1-hour video course and upload it to EduPow. Of course, I am passionate about Excel, so I have uploaded several Excel courses to EduPow. EduPow’s mission is to make learning affordable,(…)

Excel Screen Clipping Tool


If you need to insert part of a web page … or anything… into Excel. This feature is new in Excel 2010. Go to Insert, Screenshot. Ignore all of the window icons, but go to the bottom and choose Screen Clipping.   Here are some important steps: 1) Go to the web page that has the picture(…)

Easy Territories in Excel Pivot Tables


You pivot table has a list of cities, but no Territory field: There is an easy way to create a virtual Territory field: 1) Select the cities in the first territory (Click on first city, Ctrl+Click on others) 2) In the Pivot Table Tools ribbon, click Group Selection. 3) By default, they call the territory(…)

Remove Duplicates in Excel


Need to remove duplicates in Excel? Excel 2007 introduced the Remove Duplicates command on the Data tab of the ribbon. 1. Before you start… Make a copy of your data, since the command will delete the duplicate rows. 2. Select one cell in your table 3. Data, Remove Duplicates 4. Initially, all columns are checkmarked.(…)

Why One Comma in $1234,567?


A week ago, I was invited by Areef Ali to do three Excel seminars in the beautiful twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. At one of the breaks in the first day, one of the students in the class showed me the most perplexing problem in her Excel. She and her co-worker, both using two(…)

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