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Learn Excel – “Tardy 4 Times in 8 Weeks”: Podcast #1870


Sunnee asks if there is a Formula for identifying people who were tardy more than three times within an eight week period. Provided the Data is sorted from earliest to latest, Back

Dueling Excel – “Who Has Not Signed”: Podcast #1869


Today’s Podcast is Duel #155: “Trying to write an insane Formula to solve another poorly formatted Spreadsheet.” Back

Learn Excel – “Self-Maintaing Lookup Table”: Podcast #1868


Enter a product on Sheet 1. You want a VLOOKUP Formula to grab the description from a Lookup Table on Sheet 2. However, if the product is missing from Back

Dueling Excel – “Category and Settings in Same Cell”: Podcast #1867


Every once in a while, you run into ugly Data Sets and this one qualifies.  In ‘Dueling Excel’ Episode #154, we find that someone decided it would be brilliant to Back

“Power Excel with MrExcel” – Fort Wayne, Indiana: April 29th, 2014


Power Excel: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Presented by: Bill Jelen, aka “Mr. Excel” Live Event! COURSE OVERVIEW:

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