How To Set Up A VLookup in Excel

And the winner of the VLOOKUP Great White Shark Award is…


JP Pinto!  Congratulations! His post was one of seven chosen by Bill Jelen as the most innovative ones published during VLOOKUP Week.  He won a copy Bill Jelens book Microsoft Excel 2010 In Depth. You can find links to all seven posts and see the voting results in our wrap-up post of VLOOKUP Week. …To(…)

From ‘Smitticisms’: “IF Statements and LOOKUPS”


 Smitty writes: “This article will focus on the appropriate use of IF statements, and also show you when it’s better to move into more robust formulas like LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP & INDEX/MATCH.”  …To Continue on with Smitty’s Tutorial click here .

Tom Urtis at Atlas Programming Management Inc: “LOOKUP Page”


VLOOKUP Resources from Tom Urtis

From ‘Beginning Excel’: “HLOOKUP to Find Resistor Values”


Find your Value in the correct Tolerance with HLookup!

“We’re Going To Need A Bigger Week!”


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