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Learn Excel – “Eliminate Worksheet Bottlenecks with Fast Excel V3”: Podcast #1892


Microsoft Excel MVP Charles “Fast” Williams just released V3 of his Fast Excel add-in. I had the opportunity to see Charles demo this product recently in Amsterdam and it blew me away. Today, Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast #1892 is a review of the Fast Excel add-in and shows some of my favorite features of the(…)

Learn Excel – “Unwind Data Using INDEX”: Podcast #1890


Ryan has a Data Set where all of the fields are going down Column A and he would like to take this Column of Data Back

Learn Excel – “Mysterious Leading Space”: Podcast #1884


DRM-Free Day, Mystery Spaces in Excel and Free Stuff Today! Read On!

Learn Excel – “Launch Rockets with Excel (Rapid Prototyping)”: Podcast #1875


Bill serves up an ‘Out of This World‘ treat today! In Episode #1875, NASA’s Steven Cox explains how he used Excel’s Shapes and Hyperlinks to Prototype a Rocket Launch System in Excel.  Back

Learn Excel – “MrExcel Review of Excel for iPad!”: Podcast #1874


Something a little different today as Bill switches to the iPad for some Excel-lent entertainment and this is what he reports today in Episode #1874 Back

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