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There is a great discussion at the MrExcel forum about using Excel forums to increase your knowledge of Excel. Board member TinaP summarized it this way: “Books got me started with Excel knowledge, but the forums educated me.”. Most people who use Excel 40 hours a week don’t realize which powerful tools they do not(…)

Learn Excel – “Unwind Data Using INDEX”: Podcast #1890


Ryan has a Data Set where all of the fields are going down Column A and he would like to take this Column of Data Back

Learn Excel “Replace Blank Cells with Zero” Podcast #1888


I used to solve this problem with Home, Find & Select, Go To Special, Blanks, OK, 0, Ctrl+Enter. There is a much faster way, Back

Learn Excel – “Gridlines Missing from 1 Range”: Podcast #1887


Phoebe from Florida has a Spreadsheet where Gridlines are missing from just one section of the Worksheet. Back

Learn Excel – “Crazy Macro Recorder Shenanigans”: Podcast #1885


Does that really say, ‘Shenanigans’? Back

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