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Learn Excel – “Show All Excel Named Ranges at Once”: Podcast #1879


If you change your zoom to 39% or lower, Excel 2013 will show you the name and shape of your named ranges.

Learn Excel – “Keep Leading Zeroes During Data Entry”: Podcast #1878


Darvaish asks how to keep ‘Leading Zeroes’ during Data Entry. If you type 0523 in Excel, Back

Learn Excel “=INFO(“Directory”) to find Path”: Podcast #1876


Suppose that you want to use some VBA to save a file to the Desktop. But what is the real Path to the desktop? Back

Learn Excel – “Launch Rockets with Excel (Rapid Prototyping)”: Podcast #1875


Bill serves up an ‘Out of This World‘ treat today! In Episode #1875, NASA’s Steven Cox explains how he used Excel’s Shapes and Hyperlinks to Prototype a Rocket Launch System in Excel.  Back

Learn Excel – “GetPivotData to Solve Impossible Pivot Table”: Podcast #1873


Rekha viewed ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel‘ Episode #655 where I used Group Field in a Pivot Table to create a year-over-year report. But Rekha needs Back

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