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Learn Excel – “Excel HEL: Go 3000 Columns To Right”: Podcast #1863


James T asks if the Ctrl+G Dialog Box provides a way to jump 3000 columns to the right. (After all, Column E + 3000 columns is what? Back

Learn Excel – “Password to Open Excel File”: Podcast #1862


Chuck from Florida asks how to require a Password to open an Excel file. Using Protect Workbook does NOT solve this question, but Back

Learn Excel – “VLOOKUP to 3 Sheets”: Podcast #1861


Latasha asks how to use ‘VLOOKUP’ into three Worksheets. Her product number might be found on the master product list, but it might be Back

Dueling Excel – “Split a Contract over N Months”: Podcast #1860


Today, in Dueling Excel Episode #152, Mike “ExcelisFun” Girvin and Bill “MrExcel” Jelen look at Splitting a Contract Period. Back

Dueling Excel – “LOOKUP First Over 100”: Podcast #1855 / Duel #150


Wow. 150 Dueling Excel Podcasts and counting! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do =VLOOKUP(>100,MyTable,-1,False)? Back

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