Learn Excel – “Crazy Macro Recorder Shenanigans”: Podcast #1885


Does that really say, ‘Shenanigans’? Back

Dueling Excel – “Unmatched Debits & Credits”: Podcast #1872


In Duel #156 we have a list of debits and credits. For each amount, match it with the next matching negative amount. After doing all of the matches, Back

Dueling Excel – “Category and Settings in Same Cell”: Podcast #1867


Every once in a while, you run into ugly Data Sets and this one qualifies.  In ‘Dueling Excel’ Episode #154, we find that someone decided it would be brilliant to Back

Dueling Excel – “List All Day Numbers In A Date Range”: Podcast #1864


Given a start date and an end date, how do we produce a list of all the Day Numbers? For example, between Feb 28 and March 5 Back

Learn Excel – “Animating a Chart without Power BI”: Podcast #1856


Animating Free Flight of Morpheus Lander in Excel Without Power BI Morpheus Lander – c/o NASA If you like today’s Podcast #1856 and want to learn more about Animated Data in Excel without using Power BI, you are welcomed to Download the MrExcel ‘Morpheus Project Workbook’ Right Here! Back

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