Vlookup Week

And the winner of the VLOOKUP Great White Shark Award is…


JP Pinto!  Congratulations! His post was one of seven chosen by Bill Jelen as the most innovative ones published during VLOOKUP Week.  He won a copy Bill Jelens book Microsoft Excel 2010 In Depth. You can find links to all seven posts and see the voting results in our wrap-up post of VLOOKUP Week. …To(…)

From The MS Office Blog: “VLOOKUP WEEK 2012 Wrap-Up”


From the Blog.Office.Com Excel Blog page, Microsoft’s Emily Warn puts the Wraps on “VLOOKUPWEEK 2012” “VLOOKUP Week has ended. The brainchild of Excel MVP Bill Jelen, the idea inspired all things VLOOKUP, including VLOOKUP odes, haikus, vampires, and a way to track shark attacks. Setting all fun aside–Excel experts created a crazy number of useful and(…)

Tom Urtis at Atlas Programming Management Inc: “LOOKUP Page”


VLOOKUP Resources from Tom Urtis

Tom Urtis: “Lookup First and Last Values Along Row”


“When you are faced with a table that is scattered with values among empty cells, you might need to know the first (left-most) or last (right-most) value in that row. In the following picture, the first value in the row is returned by the formula =INDEX(D2:H2,MATCH(TRUE,INDEX((D2:H2<>0),0),0)), copied down as needed.” …To Read More Click Here(…)

Tom Urtis: “Reverse Intersecting Lookup: Return Row and Header Labels”


While tidying up the storeroom for the VLOOKUP WEEK Blog… we came across a few things – this is one. “I recently posted this example, followed by this more advanced example for finding an intersecting value in a table with multiple rows and columns. Today it’s the opposite scenario, where you identify a value in(…)

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