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2-Day Seminars in Australia and New Zealand

March 04, 2018 - by Bill Jelen

2-Day Seminars in Australia and New Zealand

Excel MVPs from across the globe will be heading to Australia & New Zealand in April for a series of 2-day seminars that will help anyone improve, discover, and streamline their use of Excel.

The Unlock Excel seminars will feature presentations by Microsoft and these Excel MVPs:

  • Gašper Kamenšek
  • Ingeborg Hawighorst
  • Jon Peltier
  • Ken Puls
  • Mynda Treacy
  • Tim Heng
  • Liam Bastick

Each seminar runs two days. Topics will include Excel tips and tricks, charting / dashboarding, Power BI et al, financial modelling and VBA. The sessions are not just aimed at accountants.

The schedule for the events:

  • Melbourne 9-10 April, 2018
  • Sydney 12-13 April, 2018
  • Brisbane 16-17 April, 2018
  • Wellington 19-20 April, 2018

The seminars are co-sponsored by SumProduct, Microsoft, and CPA Australia.


Registration is closed for this event.

Title Photo: ComMkt / Pixabay

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