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Enter to Win a Copy of My New MrExcel LIVe Book

February 12, 2018 - by Bill Jelen

Enter to Win a Copy of My New MrExcel LIVe Book

My 54th Excel book - MrExcel LIVe is appearing on bookstore shelves on April 1, 2018. Starting on February 12, 2018, readers in the United States can enter to win one of the first autographed copies of the book from Read on to learn how I will sweeten the offer.

Many of you participated in the Indiegogo campaign to crowd-fund MrExcel XL - The 40 Greatest Excel Tips of All Time. That book became a staple at my Live Power Excel Seminars. As Excel improved, the book needed to be updated. On April 1, 2018, MrExcel LIVe will be released. The new book includes new topics such as Power Query. I also added in the few items that were missing from the original book. For example, Icon Sets and Parsing Data often came up as questions in the seminar, but were not in the book.

One social media site called has become super-important in literary circles. When the buyers for the big chains and Amazon are making a decision about carrying a book, their information screen shows them how much activity the book has on GoodReads. If a lot of people have indicated that they want to read the book, it is more likely that the buyer will buy the book. As more people enter the contest on GoodReads, more books will be ordered by B&N and other booksellers.

Entry is simple:

  1. Browse to the MrExcel LIVe page on
  2. Scroll just below the top fold to the section for Win a Copy Of This Book. Click Enter Giveaway.

    Click Enter Giveaway to Enter.
    Click Enter Giveaway to Enter.
  3. On the next screen, enter your shipping address.
  4. On the next screen, confirm the shipping address.
  5. On the final screen, check the box for "I have read Ö" and the "I'm Not a Robot". Click Enter Giveaway.

    Confirm you are not a robot.
    Confirm you are not a robot.

The next screen will confirm that you have entered. Feel free to click the Follow Author button near the bottom. I won't consider it stalkerish! Or - if you want to see what books I am reading, click the Friends icon in the top right corner, search for Bill Jelen, and add me as a friend.

Follow for news about my new books.
Follow for news about my new books.

Unfortunately, the giveaway is only open to residents of the United States (primarily because it costs at least $25 to ship a book elsewhere). However, if you sign up with Goodreads and click the Follow Author link, I will give away another 20 e-book copies at the end of February. These will be selected with RANDBETWEEN from anyone who takes the time to sign up with Goodreads and follow me.

7 Winners of the MrExcel LIVe book as selected by Goodreads

  • John Williams
  • Meghann Borden
  • Paul Davidson
  • Michael Wright
  • Ashley Eziama
  • Cris Sanchez
  • Terry Pearson

20 additional winners of the e-book selected using RANDBETWEEN from Goodreads followers:

  • Douglas Hong
  • Richard Dang
  • Ute Simon
  • Joe Busch
  • Guillermo J.
  • Cecil Rivera
  • Jillene
  • Micheal Reynolds
  • Brian Ross
  • Jeff Wilson
  • Dan O'Connor
  • Gerald Haxhillari
  • Stephane
  • Kyle Epps
  • Kevin L
  • Amr
  • Jeff
  • Hou Boyu
  • James Paul
  • Oliver Berghaus

While you are at Goodreads, if you can search for MrExcel LIVe and mark the book as "Want to Read", that will encourage the bookstores to stock the book. Thanks for your help!

Title Photo: jessica45/Pixabay

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