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Pivot Table Webinar Recording Now Available

October 28, 2019

The Excel team at Microsoft has started a monthly Excel webinar featuring a different MVP each month. My October 2019 webinar featured all of my favorite pivot table techniques.

If you missed the webinar, the entire one-hour recording is now posted here.

Pro Tip

If you don't have an hour to watch the entire webinar, open the video on YouTube and click Show More for the description. There is a clickable Table of Contents that lets you jump to a particular part of the webinar.

Watch Video

  • (1:36) Traditional Pivot Cache Pivot Tables
  • (2:45) Setting up data for a successful pivot table
  • (3:40) Using Alt+Enter for headings
  • (4:00) Avoiding tiny blank columns between columns
  • (4:15) Accounting Style Underlines
  • (5:35) Pivot Table 101 ñ Your First Pivot Table
  • (7:55) Changing Number Format in Pivot Tables
  • (8:35) Moving fields around in a pivot table
  • (9:40) Drill-down on any pivot table number
  • (10:45) Refreshing pivot table if the underlying data changes
  • (11:25) Year-over-Year Pivot Tables ñ Grouping Dates
  • (14:05) Adding a formula outside the pivot table and problems with GetPivotData
  • (16:15) Variance percentage with % Change From Previous
  • (18:00) Top 10 Pivot Table - Introduction
  • (18:15) Changing heading from Sum of Revenue
  • (18:45) Changing the calculation in a pivot table
  • (19:10) Double-click a field heading to open Field Settings dialog
  • (19:20) Percentage of Column Total
  • (19:40) Rank column in a pivot table
  • (20:00) Running Total in a pivot table
  • (20:35) Filtering to Top 10
  • (21:45) Grand Total seems to be wrong after filtering
  • (22:10) Include Filtered Items in Totals is greyed out
  • (22:55) Dan in Philadelphia has a solution
  • (23:25) AutoFiltering a Pivot Table using a Hack
  • (25:30) Filtering using the Filter drop-zone
  • (25:45) The pain of (Multiple Items) header and Shrink to Fit
  • (26:25) Replacing Filter area with Slicers
  • (26:45) Resizing slicers
  • (27:30) Replicate a pivot table for each customer (Szilvia)
  • (28:50) Tabular form instead of Compact Form
  • (29:55) Suggesting changes to the Excel team with Excel.UserVoice.Com
  • (30:20) Defaults for all future pivot tables
  • (31:30) Data Model Pivot Tables - Introduction to Part 2 of Webinar
  • (32:30) Mash up data from multiple sheets into one pivot tables using the Data Model
  • (35:55) Count Distinct in a pivot table
  • (37:35) True Top 10 Report With Correct Total without any hacks
  • (39:30) Median in a Pivot Table using DAX formula
  • (41:35) Showing Text in the values area of a Pivot Table
  • (45:25) One set of Slicers for two different data sets
  • (48:25) Create a Pivot Table on a Map using 3D Map in Excel
  • (52:10) Is there a use for GetPivotData?
  • (57:20) Recap
  • (58:49) Pitch for next month's Liam Bastick webinar