2022 Excel Seminar Schedule

  1. Wednesday, 01/19/2022 in FORMULAS WEBINAR
    Excel Dynamic Arrays

  2. Wednesday, 02/09/2022 in Excel Pivot Tables
    Pivot Table Session at Global Excel Summit

  3. Thursday, 02/24/2022 in COLUMBUS, IN
    Data Analysis in Excel

  4. Thursday, 03/03/2022 in VANCOUVER
    Excel Oddities, Curiosities and Mysterious Wonders

  5. Monday, 03/14/2022 in NASHVILLE, TN
    Using Excel to Find Fraud

  6. Wednesday, 03/23/2022 in CAPE CANAVERAL FL
    Excel Webinar for Space Coast IIA Chapter

  7. Thursday, 03/24/2022 in COLUMBUS, IN
    What's New in Excel

  8. Tuesday, 04/12/2022 in Webinar for Full Stack Modeller
    Webinar for Full Stack Modeller

  9. Thursday, 04/21/2022 in BOCA RATON, FL
    Excel Seminar

  10. Friday, 04/22/2022 in DELRAY BEACH, FL
    Power Excel

  11. Wednesday, 04/27/2022 in PITTSBURGH PA
    Excel Webinar on Dates & Times

  12. Wednesday, 05/11/2022 in DALLAS, TX
    What's New In Excel

  13. Thursday, 05/12/2022 in ORLANDO, FL
    UCF Accounting Conference

  14. Tuesday, 05/17/2022 in NASHVILLE, TN
    What's New In Excel

  15. Sunday, 05/22/2022 in TAMPA, FL

  16. Tuesday, 05/24/2022 in PORTLAND, OR
    FMWC Competition

  17. Thursday, 06/02/2022 in VERO BEACH, FL
    Power Excel Half Day

  18. Wednesday, 06/22/2022 in PLANT CITY, FL
    Power Excel Half Day

  19. Wednesday, 06/22/2022 in TORONTO CANADA
    Guerrilla Data Analysis

  20. Wednesday, 07/13/2022 in PITTSBURGH PA
    Tips to Perk up your Excel Workbook with MrExcel

  21. Wednesday, 08/03/2022 in EL PASO TX
    Key Excel Skills for your Career

  22. Wednesday, 08/17/2022 in STUART FL
    Half-Day Excel Session

  23. Thursday, 08/18/2022 in BOSTON, MA
    What's New In Excel

  24. Wednesday, 08/24/2022 in VERO BEACH, FL
    Private Event - Live

  25. Thursday, 08/25/2022 in ST. LOUIS
    Two-Hour Power Excel Webinar for St. Louis IIA

  26. Friday, 08/26/2022 in NASHVILLE, TN
    MrExcel's Favorite Time-Saving Tips in Microsoft Excel

  27. Monday, 09/05/2022 in MY DATA SUMMIT
    My Data Summit - 3 Day Virtual Event

  28. Thursday, 09/15/2022 in BOSTON, MA
    Pivot Table Webinar

  29. Wednesday, 09/21/2022 in UTEP Audit
    Private Event

  30. Thursday, 09/22/2022 in PITTSBURGH PA
    Charting and Data Visualization Tricks in Excel

  31. Wednesday, 09/28/2022 in UTEP AUDIT
    Private Event

  32. Wednesday, 10/05/2022 in FINANCIAL MODELLING SUMMIT
    Financial Modelling Summit

  33. Wednesday, 10/05/2022 in LONDON, ENGLAND
    Financial Modelling Summit 2022 Opening Keynote

  34. Friday, 10/14/2022 in SAO PAULO BRAZIL
    Mapping with Excel

  35. Monday, 10/17/2022 in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA
    Go To Special in Excel

  36. Tuesday, 10/18/2022 in EL PASO TX
    Power Excel 2 Hours

  37. Wednesday, 10/19/2022 in TOPEKA KS
    Half-Day Virtual Excel Seminar

  38. Thursday, 10/20/2022 in BOSTON, MA
    What's New In Excel

  39. Friday, 10/21/2022 in SOUTH BEND, IN
    What's New In Excel

  40. Wednesday, 11/16/2022 in AMSTERDAM
    Podast Appearance