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Unitown's "MrExcel" Bill Jelen to Perform MS Excel Tricks Live on Tech TV

Uniontown, Ohio

Bill Jelen is Spreadsheet Superhero of MREXCEL.COM to Excel Users Worldwide


Bill Jelen, aka “Mr Excel” to millions of Microsoft Excel users, will appear live on the nationally broadcast Tech TV cable program “Call for Help” show on Friday November 21, at 3 p.m. eastern time. It is his second appearance on Tech TV with host Leo Laporte.

Jelen will perform proficiency-enhancing Excel tricks, focusing on the use of Pivot Tables and instructions on how to refresh live web data into a spreadsheet. Call–in and emailed questions will be accepted from viewers at 1-888-989-7879 and via the show’s website:

"If you're using Excel, you're probably using it inefficiently," Jelen said. “Pivot Tables are Excel's most powerful feature, but they are used by only 42 percent of Excel users. Primarily this poor report stems from the fact that most people don’t know how to use them correctly."

Jelen’s Microsoft Office solutions portal received over 10 million page-views last year from solution seekers. Jelen and his website provide accountants and business workers with products and services that include training manuals, books, utilities, e-mail and phone tech support and custom programming. In the past year and a half, nearly 60,000 questions were answered on the website’s message boards and are included in a vast archive of self-help searchable information.

Tech TV listener Jennifer Holley, owner of a Vermont web design company, WebSitesAndMore, estimated that an Excel solution Jelen provided saves her at least 10 hours of work each month. "I have master databases that are intense and long and when I change one thing they all change. Bill's solution gave me the ability to make changes in a few seconds instead of one-half hour,” Holley said.

Jelen is the author of Mr Excel ON EXCEL, a user handbook featuring 147 Excel tasks proven to enhance proficiency and save time. The book is fully illustrated with desktop visuals as if the reader is viewing the software on-screen, for easy to follow instructions. It retails for $35.95.

Other publications by Jelen include: Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel (solutions for importing data from a mainframe system)and two CD’s, Holy Macro! It's 1,600 Excel VBA Examples and Excel Knowledge Base, citing 12,750 questions and answers. Jelen also markets an unusual line of humorous Guru Gift: mugs, apparel, and an Excel function wall clock.

Bill Jelen is the author of Mr Excel ON EXCEL, published in April 2003 as the definitive “How To” for unlocking money and time saving secrets of Excel; Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel; and CD ROMS: 1600 Excel VBA Examples and Excel Knowledge Base (a Q&A archive). Jelen's books, utilities and other MS Office usage tools are available at, Borders Books, Barnes and Noble, Micro Center and at