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MrExcel Releases Line of Guru Gifts

Uniontown, Ohio, March 3, 2003

What do you buy the CPA's, bankers, managerial and the unofficial office IT guy whose greatest love in life is...macro? A new line of left-brain gift products is expected to make the Microsoft Excel aficionados weep with joy this holiday season and feel every inch the Excel expert.

Marketed by "Mr Excel" Bill Jelen at, the product line of “Excel Guru Gifts” features a new Excel function wall clock, newly published Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word books, and a unique line of 18 mugs and t-shirts with trendy guru slogans, found at:

Every office has one—the Excel guru who can make Excel do things that no ordinary person would think possible. In their world, the best gift could be a clock with a face only a die-hard Excel user could love: an Excel wall clock with Excel functions replacing hour numerals. The 12 formulas represent one example from the each of the 10 major Excel function categories. The clock is reminiscent of the clocks featured in the now-defunct Signals and Wireless catalogs from Minnesota Public Radio. The clock face was designed by Mark Simonson, the same designer who designed many catalog items over the years. To order or view, go to: Excel Function Clock Cost is $14.95. (no period after Mr) is the website where Excel users all over the world come to network for solutions to technological troubles. "This clock will be the perfect gift for the Excel super-users who understand the arcane functions and formulas needed to decode the clock’s hour delineations. Hanging this clock on your wall lets the world know that you are a bona fide Excel guru—beloved by an office full of technological innocents," Jelen said.

Henry Chapman of Nattick, MA had this to say after reading about Pivot Tables in Jelen’s first book, Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel: “The chapter on pivot tables, if read by enough people, would skyrocket white-collar productivity and spike government statistics.”

Jelen is an internationally-recognized authority on Microsoft Excel, its uses and hidden capabilities. Speaker, trainer, and author, Jelen consults virtually by email, writing Excel code for companies around the globe and providing books, CD's and website message boards as low-cost alternatives to high priced computer tech help desks. For millions who use the Microsoft Office suite, Jelen is the solution for getting the world's most powerful analytical tool to work effectively.