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Holy Macro! New book unleashes the secret powers of Microsoft Excel

Uniontown, Ohio, April 22, 2004


One of the biggest complaints people have about books on Microsoft Excel is that they are too basic and don’t address the powerful functions of Visual Basic and Macro capabilities very well. Problem solved.

VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel, by Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad, ($39.99 at hits the nail right on the head. The book provides easy implementation advice and instructions on how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Macro capabilities of Microsoft Excel.

Spreadsheet programs are notoriously poor at telling people how to make the best use of more sophisticated functions and capabilities. “Some 400 million users have Microsoft Excel but few understand the macro language. This book translates VBA in easy, understandable ways and shows how VBA can convert a 40-hour process to four minutes,” Jelen said.

One of the numerous and valuable tidbits contained in the book tells people how to "fix" the deficient Excel macro recorder. The macro recorder tool in Excel was supposed to convert the user's keystroke commands automatically, but unless you know how to program recorded code, it may work today but not tomorrow.

The book will be a godsend to people who have fumbled endlessly trying to tap into the power of the code capabilities in Excel. Case studies illustrate techniques that make the most commonly used office software in the world really perform like it should. The book also reveals trade secrets for automating data tasks, essentially showing how to convert English syntax to VBA. It has enormous capabilities for saving time and money because it can speed the production of any task in Excel.

Released May 10, 2004, the book is published by QUE (an imprint of technology book publisher Pearson Publishing), and is written for intermediate to advanced Excel users. It is available at and wherever books are sold.

Bill Jelen is "Mr. Excel", author of Mr. Excel ON EXCEL, Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel (ISBN 0972425802), and co-author of Holy Macro! It’s 1,600 Excel VBA Examples. Tracy Syrstad is a technical writer, co-editor of Jelen's Holy Macro! It’s 1,600 Excel VBA Examples CD and editor of Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel, and Dreamboat ON WORD.

For review copies or to purchase the book, contact Bill Jelen at 330-715-2875 or by email: .