Grover Park George on Access

April 2004

Grover Park George on Access is a textbook and study guide for new and intermediate Access users, not a technical manual for computer geeks. Unlike the common run of computers books—which are organized around product features—this book takes you to step by step through the development process, explaining terms and concepts as they arise, providing relevant examples to keep you on track, and, perhaps most importantly, teaching you how to the use the appropriate Access features in the same context where you’ll use them in your own work.

Dreamboat on Word

January 2004

The Real Word on Microsoft Word. It is so much easier when you know all the secrets and avoid the pitfalls.

Slide Your Way Through Excel VBA

October 2003

Even if you took a programming class 10 years ago, Excel VBA seems tough to learn. It is not like the BASIC you are used to. The recorded macros rarely work the way you want them to. This course, developed by college professor Dr. Gerard Verschuuren is the answer.

Excel Function Wall Clock

March 2003

This hilarious clock is the perfect accessory for any Excel power user. Each numeral has been replaced with a suitable Excel function that will evaluate to that numeral.

Guerilla Data Analysis

September 2002

Bill Jelen uses his combined experience and analytical ingenuity to de-mystify the arduous task of dealing with downloaded data.