Access VBA Made Accessible CD-ROM

May 2005

Access VBA Made Accessible CD-ROM

Take complete control of Microsoft Access using the power of Visual Basic for Applications!

category: VBA
covers: Access 2007

Product Details
  • 1323 Slides
  • Publisher: Holy Macro! Books

Completely Visualized in Full Color

Finally – visual training covering every aspect of Access VBA. This 1323 slide, self-paced training package is loaded with informative topics. Pick and choose from the five days of training and learn at your pace on your own schedule.

Completely Visualized!

Learn Access VBA in full color. Every slide has rich illustrations to demonstrate the concept.

Completely Visualized
Completely Visualized

Self-Paced with Self-Checks!

Click through the slides at your own pace. Every few slides, there will be a multiple choice question to ensure you’ve mastered recent concepts. These are the same concepts taught during Dr. Verschuuren’s Access VBA Seminars. He has taught this course to thousands with rave reviews! If you can’t schedule Gerry at your office, then the next best thing is to buy this CD!

Self-Paced with Self-Checks!
Self-Paced with Self-Checks!

Look at everything you will learn!

You get three complete modules on the CD covering 1323 slides.

Module 1

In the 1st Gear – 415 Slides

  • Object Oriented Programming
    • Object Browser
    • Properties and Events
    • Methods versus Functions
  • Code Control
    • Logical Flow
    • Interactive Tools
    • Other VBA Tricks
  • Using Variables
    • Value Data Types
    • Reference Data Types
    • Scope and Lifetime
  • Spotting Errors
    • Step by Step
    • Helpful Windows
    • Trapping Errors
  • Repeated Actions
    • Do Loops
    • For Loops
    • For Each Loops
  • Types of Procedures
    • Home-made Methods
    • Home-made Functions
    • ByVal or ByRef

Module 2

In the 2nd Gear – 374 Slides

  • SQL: To Select Data
    • SQL and Queries
    • Selecting from One Table
    • Selecting from Two Tables
  • SQL: To Summarize Data
    • Numeric Overviews
    • Cross-tab Views
    • Query on Query
  • SQL: To Modify Data
    • Updating Records
    • Appending Records
    • Deleting Records
  • Arrays
    • Array Functions
    • Fixed Arrays
    • Dynamic Arrays
  • Collections
    • The Hierarchy
    • A Switchboard
    • Creating Collections
  • More Control
    • Cascading
    • Listboxes
    • Extras

Module 3

In the 3rd Gear– 534 Slides

  • Recordsets
    • DAO versus ADO
    • Record Sets
    • Record Clones
  • More on Forms
    • Binding Forms
    • Synchronizing
    • Forms on the Fly
  • Transactions
    • Implicit
    • Explicit
    • Security
  • More Ins and Outs
    • Starting Access
    • Exporting Data
    • Server-side
  • Creating Objects
    • Building Classes
    • Extending Classes
    • Response Forms
  • Libraries and Add-ins
    • Registry
    • Add-inns
    • DLLs
Dynamic Arrays
Dynamic Arrays

An Incredible Bargain!

Compare this course to anything else. You could visit a training center at a local computer chain and pay $225 for a one-day course. Once that course is over, it is over. With the CD-ROM, you can play the course over and over, reviewing just the items that you need to review. Rather than be out of the office for an entire week, you can insert the CD and get training on a certain section on an as-needed basis. Pass the CD around your department and train everyone for one low price. With 1323 slides, this course runs circles around any other training.

About the Author

Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren is a Microsoft Certified Professional specialized in VB, VBA, and VB.NET. He is the author of many textbooks and has more than 20 years of experience in teaching at colleges and corporations. He holds master’s degrees in Biology and in Philosophy, plus a Doctorate in the Philosophy of Science from Universities in Europe. He is author of Slide Your Way Through Excel VBA, Join the Excellers League, Your Access to the World, Master the Web and Excel for Scientists.

Product Details

CD-ROM: 1323 Pages
System Requirements: PowerPoint 2000 or later for self-tests; Excel 2003 and earlier
(For 2007 Access VBA training – Check out Access 2007 VBA Made Accessible DVD-ROM)
Publisher: Holy Macro! Books
Price: $99

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