Excel 2013 VBA

September 2014

Excel 2013 VBA

A Complete Course in Excel 2013

The "Excel 2013 VBA" CD-ROM is not only an excellent learning tool to master VBA, but also a gold mine for very powerful and useful macros.

Product Details
  • 1200 Slides
  • Publisher: Holy Macro! Books

The CD-ROM has more than 1200 PowerPoint slides that guide you through the learning process. In addition, it comes with Excel files for you to work on as well as files that have the VBA code all done.

Object Oriented
Object Oriented

Contents Table of CD

  • Part 1: Basic Essentials

    1. Object Oriented
    2. Recording Macros
    3. Branch Statements
    4. Interaction
    5. Variables (Value Type)
    6. Variables (Object Type)
    7. Collections
    8. Loop Statements
    9. Variables as Arguments
    10. Pivot Tables and Charts
  • Part 2: Formulas and Arrays

    1. Dates and Calendars
    2. The Current-Region
    3. Property WorksheetFunction
    4. Property Formula
    5. Property FormulaR1C1
    6. Custom Functions
    7. Array Functions
    8. 1D- and 2D-Arrays
    9. Customized Arrays
    10. Variant Arrays
  • Part 3: Buttons, Forms, and more

    1. Importing and Exporting
    2. Buttons, Bars, Menus
    3. Application Events
    4. User Forms
    5. Data Entry + Mail Merge
    6. Custom Classes
    7. Class Collections
    8. Error Handling
    9. Distributing VBA code
    10. VBA Monitoring VBA
Loop Statements
Loop Statements

About the Author

Dr. Gerard Verschuuren Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren is a Microsoft Certified Professional specialized in VB, VBA, and VB.NET. He is the author of many textbooks and has more than 20 years of experience in teaching at colleges and corporations. He holds master's degrees in Biology and in Philosophy, plus a Doctorate in the Philosophy of Science from Universities in Europe. He is author of VBScript 2013, Excel 2007 VBA and Excel 2007 Expert.

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