Excel and the World Wide Web Straight to the Point

February 2021

Excel and the World Wide Web Straight to the Point

This book provides a quick Straight-to-the-Point introduction to Scraping Web Data in Excel.

Bill Jelen, MrExcel

category: Web Scraping
covers: Microsoft 365

Product Details
  • 55 Pages
  • Publisher: Holy Macro! Books
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-61547-158-4

If you have an Excel workbook that needs to regularly harvest data from a web page, this book is for you. The book covers various methods for getting data from the web, from VBA to Selenium to Power Query. Addresses the complexities of getting data from the Modern Web and the lack of VBA support in Microsoft Edge.

  • Getting Started
  • What is HTML?
  • Performing Queries
  • A static query
  • A dynamic web query
  • Querying with VBA
  • Interacting with Sites without using a Browser
  • What is JSON?
  • Getting data from the Web programmatically
  • Getting data from Web page elements
  • Posting data over the Internet
  • Authenticated requests
  • Internet Explorer and VBA
  • Transferring a Web table to the worksheet
  • Working with events
  • Introducing Selenium
  • Installing Selenium
  • Internet Explorer and Selenium
  • Google Chrome and VBA
  • Running JavaScript on a page
  • Using XPath to find elements
  • Microsoft Edge and VBA
  • Finding elements by CSS selectors
  • Downloading a file
  • Creating a PDF file from scratch
  • Wrapping up Selenium
  • Power Query and the Web
  • Connecting to a Web table – the direct way
  • Connecting to a Web table – the long way
  • Conclusion

About The 'Straight to the Point' Series

Books in this series are designed to thoroughly cover one targeted aspect of Excel.

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