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ExcelIsFun™ Video Tutorial: The Excel LOOKUP - on DVD

August 2013

ExcelIsFun™ Video Tutorial

From your First VLOOKUP to more Advanced Uses of LOOKUP Functions.

See It - Learn It - Use It! Everything you ever wanted to know about VLOOKUP- Including INDEX, MATCH and More! "ExcelIsFun", by Mike "ExcelIsFun" Girvin is a 6 Week Course teaching you what you need to know to utilize VLOOKUP and get REAL RESULTS! With 4 Hours of video taking you step by step through the understanding, use and power of the LOOKUP Function family you will begin to develop an intuitive use and appreciation for the LOOKUP Function.

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Contents Table of DVD

  • VLOOKUP...1:08:02
  • LOOKUP...0:46:11
  • INDEX and MATCH...1:09:02
  • Approximate Match...0:13:16
  • CHOOSE...0:37:45
  • Picture Lookup...0:04:58
  • Total Run Time...3:59:14

About the Author

Mike Girvin teaches Fnance, Accounting, and Statistics Using Excel at Highline Community College. He has more than 1,800 Excel 'How-to' videos on YouTube and has been teaching people how to use Excel for the past 10 years. He lives in Seattle, Washington. He is also the author of Slaying Excel Dragons and the Control+Shift+Enter Array Formula Instructional DVD.

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