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September 2015

MrExcel XL

The 40 Greatest Excel Tips of All Time!

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This 274-page full color book includes:

  • Bill's 40 favorite Excel tips (with plenty of bonus tips)
  • Szilvia Juhasz and Bill add 30 more Excel tips for Excel's 30th birthday
  • The 40 best Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
  • 40 Excel Jokes from Jordan Goldmeier
  • 12 Excel Cocktails from Szilvia Juhasz and Eric Ho
  • 40 more Excel tips that can be described in a 140-character tweet
  • The all-time best Excel Tweets collected by Debra Dalgleish
  • Excel adventures
  • Periodic Table of Excel Shortcuts from Mike "Data Pig" Alexander
  • Guest writing from Zack Barresse, Rob Collie, Mynda Treacy, Sam Radakovitz, Katie Sullivan

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