See Sharper with C#

April 2008

See Sharper with C#

A complete course in programming C# plus

category: Programming
covers: Visual C#

Product Details
  • 1123 Slides
  • Publisher: Holy Macro! Books
  • ISBN: 978-1-93280-234-4

Excel VBA programmers will LOVE the power in C Sharp!

Excel itself is written in C, so C# is a perfect tool to enhance Excel’s features. Rather than create add-ins in VBA, use C#. You will find the free C# Express on the DVD is more powerful and flexible than Excel VBA. (Now don’t get me wrong... I LOVE Excel VBA and have been using it for a dozen years...). If you want to take your applications to the next level, the See Sharper with C# training DVD will get you up to speed.

1,123 slides instructing how to produce a C# application!

Ideally suited for self-instruction, this training DVD is designed to teach users all the critical tasks necessary to produce a C# application. The 1,123 slides, with examples drawn from actual cases, are divided into three modules covering installation, language structure, and string manipulation; arrays; and data sets, dynamic MDI, and commands. Self-checks and multiple choice questions are included, along with a copy of Visual C# 2005 Express edition. This course, developed by college professor Dr. Gerard Verschuuren is the answer.

Completely Visualized!

Learn C# in full color. Every slide has rich illustrations to demonstrate the concept.

Language Structure
Language Structure

Self-Paced with Self-Checks!

Click through the slides at your own pace. Exercises are in included to ensure you've mastered recent concepts.

Validation Events
Validation Events

From Beginning to End...

The examples used during the course will get you up to speed on how to produce a C# application.

Web HTML Code
Web HTML Code
  • Module 1

    • Installation
    • Language Structure
    • Variables and Expressions
    • String Manipulation
    • Debug Timer
    • Loops
    • Exercise: Login
    • Validation Events
    • Timers and Colors
    • Exercise: Bubbles
    • Design at Runtime
    • Listing Dates
    • Exercise: Compound List
    • Try and Catch
    • Multiple Forms (MDI)
  • Module 2

    • 1-Dimensional Arrays
    • 2-Dimensional Arrays
    • Arrays of Arrays
    • Structured Arrays
    • ArrayLists
    • Exercise: Structured Array List
    • Arrays and Excel
    • Class Orders
    • Class Payroll
    • Class ArrayList-Plus
    • Class Financial DLL
    • Class Inheritance
    • Exercise: Class Credit Limits
  • Module 3

    • DB DataReader
    • DB Commands
    • DB Transactions
    • DB DataSets
    • DB Relations
    • DB Dynamic MDI
    • DB DataForm
    • DB from Scratch
    • Web Browser Control
    • Web HTML Code
    • Web Search Database
    • Web Placing Orders
    • Web Export to Excel

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