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Using Microsoft Excel 2010

August 2010

Using Microsoft Excel 2010

More Than Just a Book: Video/Audio/Print

Back in 2010, QUE was interested in a multi-media book. Links in the book give you exclusive video and audio to supplement the book.

Bill Jelen, MrExcel

category: Spreadsheets
covers: Excel 2010

Product Details
  • Paperback: 320 Pages
  • Publisher: QUE
  • Print ISBN: 978-0-7897-4290-2

Get comfortable with the latest versions of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel Starter, and the Excel Web App. Don't just read about it: see it, hear it, with step-by-step video tutorials and valuable audio sidebars delivered through the Free Web Edition that comes with every USING book. For the price of the book, you get online access anywhere with a web connection - no books to carry, updated content, and the benefit of video and audio learning. Way more than just a book, this is all the help you'll ever need where you want, when you want!

  • Learn fast, learn easy, using web, video, and audio
  • Show Me video walks through tasks you've just got to see - including bonus advanced techniques
  • Tell Me More audio delivers practical insights straight from the experts
  • Chapter 1 - Getting to Know the Excel Interface
  • Chapter 2 - Introducing the Excel Web App
  • Chapter 3 - Data Entry
  • Chapter 4 - Formatting
  • Chapter 5 - Using Formulas
  • Chapter 6 - Using Functions
  • Chapter 7 - Sorting
  • Chapter 8 - Filtering and Consolidating Data
  • Chapter 9 - Subtotals & Grouping
  • Chapter 10 - Pivot Tables
  • Chapter 11 - Creating Charts
  • Chapter 12 - SmartArt, WordArt and Pictures
  • Chapter 13 - Macros & UDFs

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