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SKU: 334
Includes 71 Excel video tutorials on 2 DVD-ROMs. Watch and learn on your PC from Dr. Gerard Verschuuren. The Excel Video Medley includes categories of General Excel Operations, Formulas & Functions, Charts & Graphs, Tables & Pivot Tables, Science & Stats
SKU: 328
A full-color comprehensive guide to Excel 2016 for Windows
SKU: 349
$3.95 $2.95
Quick, 64-page e-book. Straight to the Point – Books in this series are designed to thoroughly cover one targeted aspect of Excel.
SKU: 336
"100 Excel Simulations: Solve Problems with Excel" by Dr. Gerard Verschuuren [Print Version]
SKU: 345
$44.90 $20.00
Think you know everything about Excel? Guess again. If you're ready for the next level of Excel, then "Excel Outside the Box" and "More Excel Outside the Box" is for you! Filled with unique techniques for Excel.
SKU: 341
$163.90 $59.00
We recently released two new products from Dr. Gerard Verschuuren: the 100 Excel Simulations book and the Excel Video Medley DVD-ROM. Purchase both items for a special price and receive a training CD-ROM from Dr. Verschuuren - a $99 value.
SKU: 333
$19.95 $17.95
Invaluable if you've been thrown in the deep end with Excel!