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"FÓRMULAS DAX Para PowerPivot: Una Guia Simple hacia la Revolucion de Excel" by Rob Collie. [eBook Version]
SKU: 336
"100 Excel Simulations: Solve Problems with Excel" by Dr. Gerard Verschuuren [Print Version]
SKU: 353
Supercharge Excel When You Learn to Write DAX for Power Pivot by Matt Allington
SKU: 350
The 54 Greatest Excel Tips of All Time. This is the updated second edition of MrExcel XL. Still in full color. You are buying the print edition. While you are waiting for the print edition to ship, you can download PDF, ePub, and mobi editions.
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Invaluable if you've been thrown in the deep end with Excel!
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Think you know everything about Excel? Guess again. If you're ready for the next level of Excel, then "Excel Outside the Box" and "More Excel Outside the Box" is for you! Filled with unique techniques for Excel.
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Excel 2013 For Scientists - by Dr. Gerard Verschuuren [Print Version]
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$24.95 $12.95
Unbelievable Excel Techniques from Excel MVP Bob Umlas