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Business Owner Bundle: Excel 2010
SKU: 319
$24.95 $23.95
The 40 Greatest Tips of All Time. It is MrExcel's 40th book and he went all-out with a full color glossy edition unlike any other Excel book. You are buying the print edition. While you are waiting for the print edition to ship, you can download PDF, ePub
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Quick, 64-page e-book. Straight to the Point – Books in this series are designed to thoroughly cover one targeted aspect of Excel.
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Supercharge Excel When You Learn to Write DAX e-book by Matt Allington
SKU: 314
2-Page Lamindated Tip Card for Excel Conditional Formatting. From Anne Walsh and Bill Jelen.
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Think you know everything about Excel? Guess again. If you're ready for the next level of Excel, then "Excel Outside the Box" and "More Excel Outside the Box" is for you! Filled with unique techniques for Excel. This bundle contains two different e-books
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This book includes step-by-step examples and case studies that teach users the many power tricks for analyzing data in Excel.
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In the spring of 2018, Microsoft announced support for JavaScript User Defined Functions in Excel. This 40-page primer is designed for the VBA expert who wants to explore the world of JavaScript UDF.
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Excel Tables: A Complete Guide For Creating, Using, and Automating Lists and Tables, by Zack Barresse and Kevin Jones.
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"D A X FORMULAS for Power Pivot: The Excel Pro's Guide to Mastering D A X" by Rob Collie eBook for Friends of Ken Puls