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Excel Subtotals - Straight to the Point e-Book
SKU: 349
Quick, 64-page e-book. Straight to the Point – Books in this series are designed to thoroughly cover one targeted aspect of Excel.
$3.95 $2.95

Supercharge Power BI - DRM-Free e-book in three formats
SKU: 347
Supercharge Power BI e-book by Matt Allington
$19.95 $14.95

Excel Insights by 24 Excel MVPs e-Book
SKU: 380
A Microsoft MVP guide to the best parts of Excel

Excel Data Cleansing Straight To The Point - eBook
SKU: 369
A 47-page guide to cleaning Excel data. This book covers traditional data cleansing methods like Text to Columns, Conditional Formatting, Remove Duplicates and Power Query.
$4.95 $3.95

Power OneNote e-Book
SKU: 165
Power OneNote e-Book

Supercharge Excel - DRM-Free e-book in three formats
SKU: 352
Supercharge Excel When You Learn to Write DAX e-book by Matt Allington
$19.95 $14.95

More Excel Outside the Box - eBook Edition
SKU: 318
Unbelievable Excel Techniques from Excel MVP Bob Umlas
$14.95 $9.95

Excel Custom Functions Straight to the Point
SKU: 368
In the spring of 2019, Microsoft released the Excel Custom Functions feature in production recently. This 41-page primer is designed for Excel users who want to explore the world of Excel Custom Functions.

Excel JavaScript UDFs Straight to the Point
SKU: 354
In the spring of 2018, Microsoft announced support for JavaScript User Defined Functions in Excel. This 40-page primer is designed for the VBA expert who wants to explore the world of JavaScript UDF.
$9.95 $5.95
MrExcel 2020 - Seeing Excel Clearly - eBook
SKU: 382
This is the fourth edition of Bill's favorite tips. The 2020 update of MrExcel XL, MrExcel LIVe, and MrExcel LX. You can download the e-book in three DRM-free formats.Buy from MrExcel for updates throughout 2020.