Pivot Tables in Excel 2007

February 28, 2008

Pivot Tables are Excel’s most powerful feature. The pivot table feature allows you to summarize 500,000 rows of data in five mouse clicks. The pivot table interface gets a makeover in Excel 2007, making it easier to use and also adding new functionality.

  • Choose one cell in your data set.
  • From the Insert tab, choose Pivot Table.
  • Click OK
  • You are now presented with a list of fields and four drop zones:

  • Click the checkboxes for Product, Customer, and Revenue. Excel will build a report showing total revenue by product and customer:

  • Choose cell A4, then on the Options ribbon tab, click Collapse Entire Field:

  • Drag the region field from the top of the field list to the column labels area at the bottom of the field list. This creates a cross tab report.
  • On the Design tab, choose a style from the PivotTable Styles gallery. Choose banded rows from the PivotTable Style Options: