1. D

    Find The Earliest Date In Two Specific Years

    Hi Guys, Lets say you have 20 Dates, 10 for each year: 2018, 2019. You also have two ID's. I'm trying to find the earliest date in 2018 and the earliest date in 2019, in which each ID appear. MIN, MAX wont work, as the dates can be in the future or in the past. The data also isn't sorted and...
  2. P

    Move numbers

    Hi all, I would like to use a VBA code, so that to run through col “G” and where find the text “Opening Balance”, should move the number in adjacent cell from col. “I” to col. “H” Therefore, that the rows are 100000+. I present below the original data and the expected result. Thank you in...
  3. W

    Fill down Question.

    This maybe a very simple question. I have 1 column. 01/01/2018 01/01/2018 01/01/2018 01/01/2018 I want the pattern to continue i thought i could highlight the 4 cells and fill down and it would look like the below but it does not let me it just duplicates the values in the first 4 cells. I...
  4. T

    Sum with criteria

    Hi I have a column of dates which cover several years in the format 01/01/2018, this column is modified with dates added to and removed regularly. I wish to be able to search for a particular year and then sum all the unique dates in that year without counting the same date twice and also only...
  5. G

    Select lastest date and convert to quarter

    Hello, I am not sure if this is possible, but below is an example of a spreadsheet of 1000+ rows , Each row can have upto 3 dates in columns A-C. What i am looking to do is find the latest date in that row and in column D display the Quarter. <colgroup><col width="99" style="width: 74pt...
  6. A

    COUNTIFS date column issue

    Hello all, sorry to bother you all. I am struggling here. Scenario; Column A (Created) in Data sheet contains 3000+ dates ranging from 01/01/2018 to 30/06/2018, there could be several instances of the same dates. Column B (Closed) in Data sheet contains 3000+ dates ranging from 01/01/2018...
  7. M

    Changing sales data from Cumulative to week totals

    Hi I have three years worth of sales data by week for 50 products. I want to do a pivot (grouped by month and year) to show YOY sales in a Pivot chart and use slicers to select the product. The problem I have is that the data I have is rolling so the pivot table adds the sales together. See...
  8. K

    Search copy paste from one sheet to another using only selected cells

    Hello, I have an inventory XL spread sheet, what I would like to do is search for a specific refference N°(code article SAP) that will be in column B sheet 1 and then copying only the data for that refference that is in rows, N,O,P,R. and then pasting that data to another sheet, i want this as...
  9. I

    Formula to remove date in cell that has date & time in it

    I have a column that has the date & time in the same cell and I want to remove the date and leave the time Current Example <tbody> 01/01/2018 03:40:34 </tbody> What I need is this 03:40:34
  10. T

    Extracting Earliest and Latest Dates from Cells

    I have a spreadsheet with 20,000 rows of data that I need to get the earliest and latest dates into one row. Example, for Shop1 I would need the start date to be 01/01/2018 and the end date to be 05/04/2018 recorded in a column to the right so I can sort by that column and get rid of data that...
  11. J

    Extract column header of matching cell in row

    Hi, Really would like some help here. I have several different dates in a row with one primary date i need to match with. The different dates referring to different events and stages. I would like to extract all the column header which has the event if the main date matches in the same row...
  12. P

    Sumproducts only taking into account certain rows identified in another column

    Good morning everybody, After years of going to this forum as a shadow, I have decided to create an account. I am struggling to come up with a formula, which some of you are probably going to find quite simple! But for me, the struggle is real! I have tried to look around Google, but either I...
  13. T

    How to assign cells from different columns based on their values

    Hi i have big problem. I tried many times but i dont know how to prepare vba code which help me to to assign value when is the same from one column to another.it means that <tbody> Date Shipment date Product index 01/01/2018 01/01/2018 W10-1 02/01/2018 01/01/2018 W10-2...
  14. A

    Counting duplicate name once within a date range

    Hi All, Currently doing a project and trying to collate data from a raw data sheet. I’m trying to count say a Alphanumeric ID in a range of dates. I’ve used SUMPRODUCT but still can’t quite get it. It looks something like this <tbody> ID Name Date A112 John 01/01/2018 A112 John...
  15. J

    Vba datepart question

    Hi, I have a query regarding DartPart and the format of the value it returns. My example is using date 01/01/2018 If I use DatePart("d", #01/01/2018#) the value is returned is 1. However, what I would like is to have the value, if less than ten, to have a proceeding zero, eg 01. How would I...

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