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Excel Consulting

Are you stuck doing a tedious manual process day after day? This can be automated using VBA macros behind your Excel worksheets. For over twenty years, these Excel consultants work with customers via e-mail or telephone to build a solution. I encourage you to hire these consultants directly:

  • Corticorp provides software development services for small businesses and enterprises alike, with a focus on web technologies and data management.
  • For any Excel project, even something as short as an hour, use Excel Rescue.
  • For jobs requiring one hour or more, Mac or PC, Tracy Syrstad in South Dakota is available.
  • For jobs requiring days to weeks, Jiang Wei (aka John Wayne) in China.
  • For major jobs that might require weeks or months, Andrew Spain in Huntsville, Alabama.
  • For FAST help on small or large projects, John Michaloudis of MyExcelOnline.
  • Brian Field for projects not involving VBA.
  • Thru a smart network of specialists, GENECSIS can develop the projects that you need in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

Tracy Syrstad

Tracy Syrstad provides VBA consulting for Windows and Mac for hundreds of clients. She has been providing consulting since 2003. E-mail her at:

Tracy Syrstad

Andrew Spain

Excel Rescue

Use Excel Rescue for any Excel project, even something as short as an hour!

If you think your Excel project will take an expert less than four hours, Excel Rescue solves tasks for a flat fee. Projects under 1 hour are $97. Projects under 4 hours are $299. Excel Rescue is fast, secure, and offers a money-back guarantee.

What might I get done for an hour project?

Examples of such tasks are:

  • Data visualization: creating or updating graphs, charts, etc.
  • Creating a dashboard, scorecard, or executive summary
  • Checking a document for duplicate records
  • Recovering a corrupt file
  • Writing a function or formula
  • Auditing documents for mistakes
  • Formatting or reorganizing a spreadsheet
  • Writing a simple macro
  • etc.

Contact Excel Rescue for your Excel Consulting projects.

Excel Rescue will solve your small Excel problems

Jiang Wei

YSSoft, John Wayne Programming Service of China

Twenty years experience in Excel VBA development in English. We've supplied tens of thousands of lines of code for MrExcel's largest clients. Communicate via email. Rates starting at US $25 per hour. We prefer projects that require 40, 80, 160 hours, or more. Also available for SQL, C#, and Java.

Email Address:
Telephone: (86) 189 7147 0047

John Michaloudis of MyExcelOnline

Get FAST, Expert help on any Excel problem or template. We take on any project, small or large, and have a 30-day money-back guarantee! Get help on VBA, Formulas, Pivot Tables, Dashboards, KPI’s, Executive Summaries, Power BI, Power Query, Modifying a Template, Recovering a Corrupt File, Microsoft Access plus anything else! Visit MyExcelOnline.

Brian Field

Brian lives and works in Boston and could take on projects in Boston or via e-mail. He is primarily interested in project work that is worksheet or cell-driven rather than vba driven. For more information, visit


Cristiano Galvao is a Brazilian Excel/VBA expert with 2 decades of Excel experience. Thru the company GENECSIS, founded by him in 2009, he develops projects for large companies of Financial Services, Pharmaceutical Industry, Logistics Operations, Oil & Gas, Transportation and other fields in several countries doing it remotely or in person. Cristiano is the technical revisor of Portuguese editions of Bill Jelen's VBA books. He’s also the person behind the Excel Turbo channel and the Excel Weekend conference, the largest Excel event in Latin America. Thru a smart network of specialists, GENECSIS can develop the projects that you need in English, Portuguese or Spanish. You can contact them thru SMS to +1 (917) 209-9015, WhatsApp to +55 (21) 98183-1000 or thru the website


Corticorp - Web and Data Services

Excel is arguably the most powerful and flexible productivity software ever produced.
That said, Excel was never intended to do everything, like persist and serve data, or act as a full-blown web application for concurrent users.
Corticorp services that space and specialize in web and data services for both enterprises and small businesses.
Their focus is developing/managing web applications and all manner of data processing, leveraging extensive experience with very large data sets and small sets alike.

Contact them today, initial consultations are free of charge!

Cort Chilldon-Hoff: Business Solutions