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Bill Jelen

Bill Jelen »

Bill Jelen is MrExcel, the world’s #1 spreadsheet wizard. Jelen hosts, the premier Excel solutions site, with more than 40 million page views annually.

Tracy Syrstad

Tracy Syrstad »

Tracy Syrstad is a Microsoft Excel developer and author of eight Excel books. She’s been helping people with Microsoft Office issues since 1997 when she discovered free online forums where anyone could ask and answer questions.

Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander »

Michael Alexander, Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) and Microsoft MVP, is author of several books on advanced business analysis with Excel and Access.

Bob Umlas

Bob Umlas »

Bob Umlas works for a major tax and accounting firm, using Microsoft Excel® eight hours a day, writing custom applications for staff and clients; he has been using Microsoft Excel since version 0.99 - on a Macintosh Computer!

Matt Allington

Matt Allington »

Matt Allington is a career data professional who has worked in the retail and consumer packaged goods industries for 35 years.

Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren

Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren »

Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren is a Microsoft Certified Professional specialized in VB, VBA, and VB.NET. He is the author of many textbooks and has more than 20 years of experience in teaching at colleges and corporations.

Zack Barresse

Zack Barresse »

Zack started using Excel in December 2003, and he quickly fell in love and had a strong desire to learn more. He has contributing to the online community since 2004, and he has been awarded the Microsoft MVP award every year since his first one in October 2005.

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones »

Kevin is an accomplished user interface and software architecture designer with over 30 years of experience in the technology industry. He has been instrumental in the development of a variety of successful software applications on many different platforms and environments.

Oz du Soleil

Oz du Soleil »

Biographies tend to be written in the third-person, but let me speak directly to you. I grew up in the city of North Chicago, Illinois. I joined the US Navy in 1985 and spent six years there...