Bill Jelen

Bill Jelen is MrExcel, the world’s #1 spreadsheet wizard. Jelen hosts, the premier Excel solutions site, with more than 40 million page views annually.

Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren

Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren is a Microsoft Certified Professional specialized in VB, VBA, and VB.NET. He is the author of many textbooks and has more than 20 years of experience in teaching at colleges and corporations.

Tracy Syrstad

Tracy Syrstad is a Microsoft Excel developer and author of eight Excel books. She’s been helping people with Microsoft Office issues since 1997 when she discovered free online forums where anyone could ask and answer questions.

Kathy Jacobs

Kathy Jacobs has 20 years in the computer and training fields. She got into the PowerPoint business while developing training materials for several major companies.

Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander, Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) and Microsoft MVP, is author of several books on advanced business analysis with Excel and Access.

Suat M. Ozgur

Suat M. Ozgur has more than 20 years of experience developing applications in various programming and scripting languages mainly including Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Objective C (for mobile development), PHP, JavaScript, and he is a certified Database Developer working in MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server database servers.

Tom Urtis

Tom Urtis is owner of Atlas Programming Management, a Microsoft Office business solutions company specializing in Excel project development and training.

P. K. Hari

P. K. Hari is an accountant by profession, and is working as the Group Financial Controller for a large group of companies. P. K. is a certified Master of Microsoft Excel...

Mike Girvin

Mike Girvin teaches finance, accounting, and statistics using Excel at Highline Community College. He has more than 1400 Excel how-to videos on YouTube.