Bob Umlas

Bob Umlas works for a major tax and accounting firm, using Microsoft Excel® eight hours a day, writing custom applications for staff and clients; he has been using Microsoft Excel since version 0.99 - on a Macintosh Computer!

Kevin Jones

Kevin is an accomplished user interface and software architecture designer with over 30 years of experience in the technology industry. He has been instrumental in the development of a variety of successful software applications on many different platforms and environments.

Tyler Nash

In Don't Fear the Spreadsheet, Tyler Nash drags three Excel MVP's back to the early days they've long since forgotten and forces them to explain, in the simplest terms possible, what to do when you open Excel for the first time.

Rob Collie

During his 13 years at Microsoft, Rob Collie led the BI-focused capabilities in Excel and was subsequently one of the founding engineers on Power BI.

Chris “Smitty” Smith

Chris “Smitty” Smith currently lives in Redmond, Washington with his wife, Cyndi and daughter, Campbell after relocating from the San Francisco Bay area. He graduated from Texas Christian University’s Ranch Management Program...

Kasper de Jonge

Kasper de Jonge is a senior program manager on the Analysis Services team at Microsoft, where he has worked developing features for Power Pivot and other Analysis Services products such as the Tabular model and Multidimensional cubes.

Zack Barresse

Zack started using Excel in December 2003, and he quickly fell in love and had a strong desire to learn more. He has contributing to the online community since 2004, and he has been awarded the Microsoft MVP award every year since his first one in October 2005.

Oz du Soleil

Biographies tend to be written in the third-person, but let me speak directly to you. I grew up in the city of North Chicago, Illinois. I joined the US Navy in 1985 and spent six years there...

Matt Allington

Matt Allington is a career data professional who has worked in the retail and consumer packaged goods industries for 35 years.