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Power Excel for Companies, Groups, IMA, IIA, or HFTP Chapters

Bill Jelen, an Excel speaker and trainer, is available on selected dates to speak to your group. His entertaining and informative "Power Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Excel" will teach your group how to dramatically improve their efficiency with Excel.

To Hire Mr Excel Now

To check available dates, email Bill - pub @ MrExcel.com.

The seminar is perfect for a CPE event for the IMA, IIA, AICPA, your next Controller Conference or Business Career Day.

If you have a group of accountants, auditors, office managers, small business owners, or anyone who uses Excel regularly, they will benefit from Bill's Excel seminars. The seminar can be customized to focus on the tasks relevant to your industry or group. Bill always stops to answer questions along the way from the audience - in fact, questions from Bill's appearances became his best-selling book - Power Excel with MrExcel. The following is list of suggested seminar types with descriptions, books included with session, recommended time frames, and minimum requirement of attendees.

1-2 Hour Webinar

Have Bill appear virtually at your next company Zoom call. He will cover Excel tips and tricks and answer questions. You may record the call for later reference by attendees. Everyone will receive a PDF copy of MrExcel 2024 Igniting Excel. For a one-hour seminar, the cost is $995. Extend your session to two hours for an additional $300.

Dates are limited. Book now.

Live Events in Orlando or Melbourne Florida

Hire Bill Jelen for a keynote or breakout at your event in Orlando or Melbourne Florida. Options are available for every attendee to receive a printed or PDF copy of Bill's book designed to accompany the seminar.

Sample Seminar Descriptions

Any of these topics could be covered in one hour.

Data Analysis using Subtotals, Filtering, and Pivot Tables

You use Excel 40 hours a week, but do you really know how to unleash the power of Excel? Learn cool secrets and tricks lurking in Excel. Learn the ins and outs of Pivot Tables (from the guy who wrote the book on pivot tables!). Add thousands of subtotals in seconds. Learn faster ways to filter. Take a look at how the Power Query tools on Excel's Data tab can help you clean data faster and with a built-in audit trail. Everyone who attends will receive a PDF copy of Jelen's latest book, MrExcel 2024 Igniting Excel. Join Bill Jelen from MrExcel.com for a webinar covering his favorite time-saving tricks in Microsoft Excel.

What's New in Excel

Spend an hour with Bill Jelen to learn new time-saving tricks in Excel. This session will focus on new features introduced to Excel in the last 3 years. Includes the benefits of XLOOKUP over VLOOKUP, Artificial Intelligence, Pivot Table improvements. Learn the new spillable functions that allow you to SORT and FILTER with a formula. See new functions such as TEXTSPLIT, TOCOL, and WRAPROWS.

Pivot Table Deep Dive

Spend an hour learning tips and tricks for using pivot tables in Excel. Spend an hour learning some secrets with pivot tables. Bill will cover: Setting defaults for all future pivot tables. Easy year-over-year analysis with pivot tables. Top Ten report with the correct totals using an AutoFilter hack, Replicating a pivot table for each customer. Putting a pivot table on a map. Joining data from two different worksheets into one pivot table. Syncing slicers from two data sets.

Cleaning Excel Data with Power Query

Way back in Excel 2016, Microsoft replaced a bunch of icons on the Data tab with exact duplicate icons. But those new icons have so much power: a reliable macro recorder, audit trail, and data cleansing tools that run circles around the old Excel tools. Learn how to leverage the data cleansing tools that have been hiding in Excel for the last six years. See how to Combine all workbooks in a folder into a single Excel workbook, performing transformations along the way, Clean and unpivot poorly formatted data before using in Excel. Create a repeatable, auditable workflow for cleaning daily, weekly, or monthly data in Excel.

Outside of Florida?

Have 17 awesome years of doing Power Excel seminars across the country, I am retiring my Southwest Airlines A-List Preferred Status and staying closer to home. I will miss visiting Springfield MO, Columbus Indiana, Stevens Points Wisconsin and all of the other great IMA and IIA cities. However, consider hosting a virtual event for your chapter.

Thank you for your support over the last 17 years.

If you are looking for an Excel speaker for your live event, search for Jon Peltier or Bob Umlas. Both will do a great job.

Pre-Recorded Excel Training on the Retrieve Platform

Four of Bill's one-hour courses are available for purchase through the Retrieve Platform. You can watch the video training from the comfort of your home or office. The video content is completely searchable. Search for “Year-over-year” and be taken directly to that section of the video. Buy a bundle of all four courses for under $50 or individual courses for $15 to $25. Details: Master Excel Bundle.

Marketing Ideas

Feel free to borrow from this Sample Flyer.

Speaker Bio

Bill Jelen is the host of MrExcel.com and the author of 67 books about Microsoft Excel including Excel Gurus Gone Wild, Pivot Table Data Crunching, and Microsoft Excel Inside Out. He was an ESPN commentator for the World Excel Championships, has made over 80 guest appearances on TV's Call for Help with Leo Laporte and was voted guest of the year on the Computer America radio show. He writes the Excel column for Strategic Finance magazine. He has produced over 2400 episodes of his video podcast Learn Excel from MrExcel. Bill will entertain you while showing you the powerful tricks in Excel. Before founding MrExcel.com in 1998, Jelen spent twelve years “in the trenches”, as a financial analyst for the accounting, finance, marketing, and operations departments of a publicly held company. Since then, his company automates Excel reports for hundreds of clients around the world. The website answers over 30,000 questions a year – for free – for readers all over the world. Jelen joins us from Merritt Island, Florida.

Seminar Co-ordinator Comment

"St. Louis IMA was looking for the perfect guest speaker/trainer who would fill our seats and make a lasting impression on our members. Bill Jelen was our man! 97% of those in attendance ranked Mr. Excel "Excellent" in all categories. Not only is Bill extremely knowledgeable, he has a special talent for making people laugh! His four hour seminars feel like 30 minutes. Bill has conducted three seminars for our group and we look forward to inviting him back. I HIGHLY recommend Bill Jelen for both "Power Tips & Tricks" as well as "Advanced Excel."
– Reid Sullivan, Kelly Financial Services

Comments from Attendees

Here are comments from attendees at a state CPA CPE day. Bill was ranked 4.98 out of 5 on Knowledge of Subject and 4.89 out of 5 on Presentation Skills.

  • Excellent, relevant and very helpful
  • Outstanding. The time flew by
  • Awesome topic – I really gained a lot of practical tips
  • Great seminar, learned useful tips for using Excel more efficiently. Great presenter
  • I could have spent all day at this session. It was so helpful, Bill is a great speaker.
  • Bill Jelen is the Michael Jordan of Excel.
  • I would attend an Excel class with Mr. Jelen in a minute
  • I loved this session, even as an advanced user of Excel I still learned some great tips. Bring Bill back next year.
  • His fast paced presentation gives the class a quick learning tool that helps
  • Best session of the day, by far

Testimonials for MrExcel from past IMA events

I love excel and have attended many seminars on the topic. I usually walk away with 2-3 good tips. This seminar was filled with useful tricks. One of the best ever.

Fort Myers, October 2015

Mr. Jelen had the most entertaining, educational seminar I've ever attended. Usually, seminars tend to make folks nod off. This seminar, with its smaller class size and the dynamic Bill Jelen kept folks fully engaged. What a great value, too...CPEs, lunch and a great book(s)! Thank you, Mr. Jelen and IMA!

Orlando, February 2014

The seminar was packed with valuable information. So many shortcuts/time saving examples that any company who sent someone to the seminar is bound to get an immediate return on their investment

Miami, October 2014

I thought it would have been a dry and technical session but the day flew by with Bill's knowledge and use of humor.

Tampa, May 2014

He was an excellent presenter, especially on a subject that is normally boring, but he kept me engaged all day.

Fort Myers, October 2013

One of the very best training seminars I have ever attended. Very well balanced and presented. Lots of great tips for heavy excel users.

Tampa, May 2014

I am a software applications trainer. I knew a lot of what was covered but gain a lot of additional information to help in my presentations.

Jacksonville, February 2015

Very personable speaker, eager to answer all questions. Good examples to follow. Great books for supplementing the program. I would attend other seminars by this speaker.

Miami - October 2014

Bill Jelen was an awesome presenter.... totally worth the trip.

Orlando, February 2014

Workshop was great. Picked up quite a few tips to use. Bill was very entertaining while providing valuable information. The morning session was excellent.

Fort Myers, October 2013

Mr. Jelen was a very knowledgeable speaker. He was funny and very informative. The class was fast paced, yet he took time to answer questions. A good value!

Orlando, February 2014

The presentation was fantastic! I am a return attendee and I still got my money's worth.

Tampa, May 2014


If you allow non-members to attend the session, Bill will be happy to promote the seminar to his readers at the MrExcel.com website. (At an IIA event in Chicago, the chapter reported a record number of non-members attending due to this marketing).

To find out where Bill is headed off to next, visit Bill's Press Appearance Page!