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The books, CDs, and DVDs here are published by QUE or Holy Macro! Books. Written by Bill MrExcel Jelen and other Microsoft MVPs, they cover every aspect of Excel, including Power Query, Power Pivot, and Excel. If you use Excel 40 hours per week, you will find these titles concise and useful.

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MrExcel 2022 Boosting Excel

April 2022

The 6th Edition of MrExcel XL, updated with new functions released for Microsoft 365.

Programming PowerPoint with VBA

February 2022

This book assumes you already use PowerPoint and want to automate or enhance your presentations using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This book includes VBA samples for working with layouts, themes & masters, creating tables, drawing objects, charting, animation effects and event programming.

Advanced Excel Techniques - Online Course

January 2022

Understanding data is crucial, and the easiest place to start is with Microsoft Excel. In this guide, I've compiled advanced skills and formulas in Excel that you should know to analyze and understand your data easier and faster.

Saving Time with Excel - Online Course

January 2022

Be more efficient in Excel with these time-saving techniques in Excel.

Ace Your Job Interview Where You Have to Know Excel - Online Course

January 2022

You have a job interview this afternoon where you have to know Excel? This short video course will teach you enough Excel skills to get through the interview.

Analyzing Data With Pivot Tables in Excel - Online Course

January 2022

Bill Jelen has rolled all of his favorite Excel Pivot Table tips and techniques into a new guide on the Retrieve platform.

Master Your Data with Power Query in Excel and Power BI

August 2021

Despite the moniker "data monkey," we information workers are often more like data magicians. Our data seldom enters our world in a ready-to-consume format; it can take hours of cleaning, filtering, and reshaping to get things ready to go. Power Query will make this process faster the first time and reduce it to a single button click every subsequent time.

Your Excel Survival Kit - Second Edition

March 2021

This book helps you realize that Excel is on your side. It can be your friend, not your enemy. If and when you upgrade your Excel skills you will experience many positives: you will learn to love Excel, you will learn how to use Excel to become an invaluable asset in your workplace.

Cool Excel Sh*t

March 2021

Cool Excel Sh*t is designed with the Excel guru in mind, introducing advanced, creative solutions and hacks for the software's most challenging problems.