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A Look Back At 13 Years of The MrExcel Podcast

October 12, 2018 - by Bill Jelen

A Look Back At 13 Years of The MrExcel Podcast

In the summer of 2005. I was flying to Toronto every month to record two appearances on Leo Laporte’s Call for Help TV Show. On the way home, I was having dinner at the airport bar and the guy sitting next to me said a sentence that was a complete mystery to me:

"Did you know that Leo’s TWiT Podcast is the Number One Podcast on iTunes?"

I had never heard of a podcast. I had never heard of iTunes. I had never heard of TWiT.

TWiT stands for This Week in Tech. It is Leo’s audio podcast that debuted April 18, 2005.

On my next trip to the Rogers TV studios in Toronto, I asked Leo about podcasting. He was the one who suggested that I start an Excel podcast. Now – all of Leo’s podcasts at that time were audio. You would subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and once a week, a new hour-long episode would arrive and be downloaded to your iPod.

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