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Excel 2019: Format a Pivot Table

April 24, 2019 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Format a Pivot Table. Photo Credit: 五玄土 ORIENTO at

You might wonder how the pivot table above changed from green to orange. The Design tab has a gallery with 84 built-in formats for pivot tables. Choose a design from the gallery and the colors change.

There are two tabs in the Ribbon for PivotTable Tools. The second tab is called Design and offers a gallery with different color schemes.

One frustrating feature with a pivot table is that the numbers always start out as General format. Right-click any number and choose Number Format....

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Excel Rearrange fields in a pivot table. Photo Credit: Pierre Châtel-Innocenti at

Excel 2019: Rearrange fields in a pivot table »

April 22, 2019 - by Bill Jelen

The power of pivot tables is the ability to rearrange the fields. If your manager decides you should put Regions across the top and products down the side, it is two drags to create the new report.

Create Your First Pivot Table. Photo Credit: Roman Bozhko at

Excel 2019: Create Your First Pivot Table »

April 18, 2019 - by Bill Jelen

Pivot tables let you summarize tabular data to a one-page summary in a few clicks. Start with a data set that has headings in row 1. It should have no blank rows, blank columns, blank headings or merged cells.

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