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Insert 2 Decimals

May 22, 2018 - by Bill Jelen

Insert 2 Decimals

A question from my Atlanta live Power Excel seminar: Is there a way to type 12345 and have Excel enter 123.45? I call this Adding Machine mode, because it feels like the 1970's era adding machine with the switch to automatically add two decimal places.

To turn on the setting, go to File, Options, Advanced. The default setting is to insert 2 decimal places:

Insert 2 decimal places
Insert 2 decimal places

After changing the setting, you type 12345 and Excel enters 123.45:

Excel automatically inserts 2 decimal places.
Excel automatically inserts 2 decimal places.

But the Excel switch is far more versatile than Mrs. Hergenrother's 1972 adding machine. You can enter anywhere from 300 to -300 decimal places. I ran into a guy once who had to measure tolerances. He would change this setting to automatically insert six decimal places. In his case, 123 would become 0.000123.

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