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It can happen: the long-running Excel file that has all of your information suddenly won't save or won't open. Excel tells you that they are going to attempt a repair, but that repair either does not work or it removes all of your macros.

Sometimes Excel simply gives a message along the lines of - "Excel has stopped working. We are sorry for any inconvenience". When you get such a message, you might press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and open the workbook again (hopefully having saved whatever work you had done!), wanting to step through the code to find the offending statement. When you single-step through the code, all may work fine, but when you run it at full speed, once again it may crash. How can you find the offending statement?

Can a hyperlink in Word open a specific Excel file, jump to a sheet and jump to a cell? The syntax is fairly tricky, but it seems to work.

Suppose you want to produce a report from a set of data as if you filtered on a column. But what if you wanted a formula-based version of the same thing?

Need to get a list of all of the tax invoice PDF files from a folder in to an Excel spreadsheet. This is easy to do if you are using Excel 2016 on a Windows PC using the new Get & Transform Data tools.

Occasionally, I receive an e-mail from someone who has developed a cool spreadsheet and they would like to donate it, to allow anyone who can use it, to download it for free.

Reset ScreenUpdating for Forward Compatibility with Excel XP.

How to add a certain number to all numbers in a range by using PasteSpecial.

Use Cells(Row, Column).Name = "MyRange" to simplify naming a range.

Use Cells(Row, Column) instead of Range() when looping through several columns.

Every time that I copy data from another application and paste it into Excel, the data is inexplicably being parsed into two columns. What is going on?

For a SUMIF or COUNTIF formula with 2 conditions, you need to use an array formula.

How to quickly navigate to any worksheet.

How to increment a number by one each time the user form is opened.

How to reverse the Sign on a difference.

How to use Index and Match to lookup a cell to the left of key cell

Is it possible to change the worksheet tabname to reflect the value in a cell?

Formula to point always the same column but is free to move to different rows as it is copied.

How to freeze the headers.

If I have 11.5 in a cell how do I get this converted to 11 minutes and 30 seconds in another cell?