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Excel Total the Visible Rows. Photo Credit: Ruslan Bardash at

Excel 2020: Total the Visible Rows »

January 16, 2020

After you’ve applied a filter, say that you want to see the total of the visible cells.

Excel  Filter by Selection for Numbers Over/Under. Photo Credit: Conor Luddy at

Excel 2020: Filter by Selection for Numbers Over/Under »

January 15, 2020

What if you want to see all values greater than $20,000?

Excel Filter by Selection. Photo Credit: Fancycrave at

Excel 2020: Filter by Selection in Excel »

January 13, 2020

The filter dropdowns have been in Excel for decades, but there are two faster ways to filter. Normally, you select a cell in your data, choose Data, Filter, open the dropdown menu on a column heading, uncheck Select All, and scroll through a long list of values, trying to find the desired item.

Break Apart Data. Photo Credit: Libby Penner at

Excel 2020: Break Apart Data »

January 9, 2020

People often ask about how to parse data that is all in a single column. Say you wanted to sort the data by zip code.

Double-Click the Fill Handle to Copy a Formula. Photo Credit: rawpixel at

Excel 2020: Double-Click the Fill Handle to Copy a Formula »

January 8, 2020

You have thousands of rows of data. You’ve added a new formula in the top row of your data set, something like =PROPER(A2&" "&B2). You need to copy the formula down to all of the rows of your data set.

Excel 2020: Ask Excel a Question About Your Data »

January 6, 2020

A new Natural Language Query feature is rolling out to Office 365 in late 2019 and early 2020. The feature uses artificial intelligence to answer questions about your data.

Excel More Excel Tips. Photo Credit: Sam Truong Dan at

Excel 2019: More Excel Tips »

December 19, 2019

I published more than 200 ideas since February. While the following ideas did not get much press here, they are self-explanatory in a 140-character tweet.

Excel Ctrl+Click To Unselect Cells. Photo Credit: Timothy Muza at

Excel 2019: Ctrl+Click to Unselect Cells »

December 18, 2019

You've always had the ability to select multiple selections in Excel by Ctrl+Dragging to select cells. However, in the past, there was no way to unselect one cell. You can now Ctrl + Click to unselect that cell.

Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts. Photo Credit: Juan Gomez at

Excel 2019: Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts »

December 16, 2019

As I started polling readers about their favorite Excel tips, a large number of them were keyboard shortcuts. Following keyboard shortcuts are presented in order of popularity.

Excel Settings in the Excel Options Menu. Photo Credit: Manuel Boxler at

Excel 2019: Settings in the Excel Options Menu »

December 12, 2019

Consider a few of these settings after you choose File, Options.

Create Your Own QAT Routines Using VBA Macros. Photo Credit: Markus Spiske at

Excel 2019: Create Your Own QAT Routines Using VBA Macros »

December 11, 2019

There are several short macros you can add to your Personal Macro Workbook and then add to the QAT. In this tip, you will see how to create the Personal Macro Workbook, type some macros, and then assign them to icons on the QAT.

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar. Photo Credit: The Roaming Platypus at

Excel 2019: Customize the Quick Access Toolbar »

December 9, 2019

Even though the Excel team does not think many features are Home-tab-worthy, you can add your favorite features to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).