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Quickly format cells to indicate which ones have formulas and which have values.

How to return a date that is the end of the month.

I have figured out how to add Hour:Min, but now that I have that total - How do I multiply that times Dollars per hour?

How can I get rid of broken links after receiving an e-mailed workbook?

Rounding Numbers »


How can I round a result to get just the whole number portion?

I have created a VBA macro which has to create about 50 Charts from one worksheet. The problem is that everytime I run the program when I get to the certain chart an error message displays "Not enough memory".

How to copy a sheet that has been subtotaled and then condensed to totals, to another sheet without all of the underlying detail.

How to stop delete confirmation box.

Is there any way to merge two rows together quickly?

Adding zeroes to time values by using macro.

Changing cell references by using OFFSET function.

How to capitalize the values in a particular column.

If you create a chart in a worksheet, you may find that you don't like some of the chart options set by Excel as default.

Data Validation »


Drop-down list on one worksheet where the list of valid cells is on another worksheet

When you are typing custom number formats, you can insert any single text character by preceeding it with a backslash.

I have a document that has become very unstable. Every time that my mouse gets near one of the red comment triangles, Excel will crash.

Select 5 random numbers from a column of 50 numbers.

What I need to do throughout a big worksheet was to edit the cell, move the cursor to the end of the cell and then delete the last 4 characters if the characters.

Trying to automatically put page breaks into a table in Excel.

We need to know how to set up a macro which will assign a unique invoice number.