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Whether your project is large or small, Excel or Access, contact to get a quote. For FREE Do-it-Yourself help, try posting your question at our Message Board.

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Orders placed at the online store are shipped each morning by Barb in Tucson Arizona. If your order shipped FedEx Ground, you can get a tracking number by signing in to the online store and choosing My Account. For other questions about existing orders, write to ExcelStore @ You can fax your order to 707-220-4510.

Hire MrExcel to Entertain & Train Your Audience

For 1-2 weeks each month, Bill Jelen is on the road, giving my entertaining Power Excel seminar. Information about booking Bill is available at our Excel Speaker page.

Excel Consulting Services

Are you stuck doing a tedious manual process day after day? This can be automated using VBA macros behind your Excel worksheets. For over twenty years, these Excel consultants work with customers via e-mail or telephone to build a solution. I encourage you to hire these consultants directly.

Interacting with the Podcast

To have your question appear on a future MrExcel Podcast, leave a comment on any of Bill’s videos at YouTube.

Orders from the Book Trade

Bookstores wishing to order books should contact Independent Publishers Group in Chicago.

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Call Bill Jelen: (330) 715-2875

Another #ProTip – my phone has been over-run with junk calls. It is easier to reach me in the morning. If the phone rolls to voicemail, hang up and send an e-mail to the e-mail address shown in this graphic:

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If you need to set us up as a vendor, all relevant information is at our Vendor Info page.