1. B

    Duplicate Value based off two columns

    I am trying to ensure that there is only one entry per day per area. Column A is the date of entry. The areas are a list "Anodizing", "Tumbling", "Cleaning", and "Passivation". Which are entered into Column B. I could pretty easily use a macro to do this, but if I can just use a conditional...
  2. T

    Excel Macro

    <tbody> <tbody> Below is a sample of our payment register. Our check register prints the total of the check on the first line and then the account breakdown of the checks on the lines below. I need the check number and the Check Name to show up on every line of the account breakdown...
  3. M

    Property way to calculate months using a date

    Hi, I'm running into an issue when using the following calculation: I have 2 dates: A1 4/30/2018 B1 10/31/2018 I'm using this calculation, IF(text(B1,"M")<text(A1,"M"),"yes","no") Result is showing "yes" (10<4=True) Math works for Jan-Sep, but stops when the month is double digits. Is there...

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