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    Completely Lost

    Hi guys, I'm completely fogged here and don't know where to begin. I have a table that I need to know a subtotal based on each order. Hopefully I can describe this correctly. Of the table below what I need as an output is the Order Number and how many distinct load numbers there are to each...
  2. Z

    Some help needed with comparieson (Formula NOT VBA)

    Consider a table like shown <tbody> Shipment No. Company Match s1 a exception s2 b s3 a exception s2 b </tbody> What I want to do is in the 'Match' column, check if the same company has the same shipment number or not. The actual record has approx 300 values. In the above table...
  3. H

    list box problem

    my list box is supposed to be 2 columns , it appears to be only one, and the LinkCell shows 0 for all choices , what do i need to do, using excel2010 please, please
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    Non-unique first column, multiple matches in second column

    Hi all, I'm sure the solution to this is easy, but I cannot work it out nor find the solution on the board. I have 2 columns... Staff Element A1 1z A1 2y A1 3x A1 4w A1 5v A1 6u A1 7t A1 8s B2 1z B2 2y B2 3x B2 4w B2 5v B2 6u B2 7t B2 8s C3 1z C3 2y C3 4w C3 5v C3 7t C3 8s What I need to do...
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    Multiple Criteria to return count of 1 item in a column.

    Hi I have 2 spreadsheets relating to empoyee records etc. Sheet 1 holds all the data on every employee. Sheet 2 contains a select few employees' details. I need to calculate their attendance at management meetings Sheet 1: Employee # / Date of meeting / Attended? 12345 / 10/12/2010...
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    Require data from multiple columns using 2 spreadsheets

    Hi all I need your help! I have 2 spreadsheets in the same file and need to take some data from Sheet 1 into sheet 2 based on 2 columns of critieria: Sheet 1 contains: Employee Date Location Smith John 21/02/2011 London Doe, John 03/01/2011 Birmingham Bloggs, Joe...
  7. R

    Replace #N/A with blank in array formula

    Hi I have a formula I have used to match data in two columns and return the value of the third column, however this formula shows #N/A if not results or matches occur. below is the formula I am using =INDEX('Contract Data'!F$3:F$144,MATCH(Summary!$C$1&$D18,'Contract...
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    Database - printing 2 columns to a page

    I have a database of 1000 names + addresses ( each record has 4 columns) . I want to print 2 x 4 columns of details to a page - in alphabetical order. I can get 60 lines to a printed page. So on page 1 there would be records 1-60 on the left of the page and records 61 to 120 on the right. Next...

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