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    Simple Question for a VBA Genius

    Hi, Can't seem to find the answer to this one. I have a workbook in EX2007 with 2 sheets. I need something that will do the following. If Sheet 1 Column A = Sheet 2 Column A AND Sheet 2 Column B > Sheet 1 Column B Then Copy Sheet 1 Column B to Sheet 2 Column B This could potentially be...
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    Excel 2007 Selection.Characters.Text 1004 Error

    All, I have a macro that does some error checking on the user's input, changes the control/shape text and assigned macro, and then save the file to a SharePoint site. The problem arrises when the macro changes the control/shape text; for some people it works without issue (like myself) and for...
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    Merge and Center Macro

    Hello, I am trying to get a macro to work but it fails (looks like it is running but does not merge) if there are any blank rows in the spreadsheet at the time the macro is executed. If there are no blank rows the macro executes correctly. I am not good at programming so I have turned to the...
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    2007 wont run 2003 worksheet change event

    I have extensive code on the worksheet change event involving data validation. I've changed macro settings and saved the book as a macro enabled 07 format. The log in form works OK but the change event will only run for the first sheet change. Open and close and again the change event only runs...

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