2007 excel

  1. G

    Confusion with referencing data and sorting

    I'm scratching my head trying to see if this is doable and how. I have 2 worksheets (of many) in this project. The following is a super simplified version of problem. Sheet A is randomly sorted and is presented to the user as a logical grouping of ITEMs ITEM COST AGE apple 5,000...
  2. S

    Trend Line X Axis longitude problem

    Hello Everyone, Many thanks in advance. I have an issue where by a data set on a XY scatter graph is joined with Linear Trend line. It is used to show the routes a ship takes and the scatter graph has a map as a back drop, x axis is longitude and y is latitude. The longitude (x axis) starts...
  3. C

    sorting customer transaction data by a specific timeframe

    I have an excel file with a list of customer names in column A and a list of dates for every transaction they've made in a given year in column B. I would like to find a way to manipulate this data so that I can determine if there are customers who have only shopped between 4/1 and 6/30 of a...
  4. austin397

    How to force file to save as .xlsx

    Hello all, File_Name = SK & "-" & Year & Month & Day & "-" & Daily_Drawing_Number & " BOM" & Rev_Letter & ".xlsx" Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).Show (File_Name) I am trying to force this to input the specified file name into the dialogue box for the save as box. However it...
  5. austin397

    Print specified columns and until blank rows to pdf.

    Hello all, I am looking to print to pdf from column A to Column R, starting at Row 2 and ending with the last cell to contain text or is formatted. I am new to VBA and havent been able to figure it out myself or understand examples of similar questions. I would like it to take the width and...
  6. D

    Select EndDown, and then a further 2 rows

    I have the below code which selects all data below A5, includes the 17 columns on the right of it, and then offsets by one so I don't clear the title row. <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, 'Lucida Console'...
  7. D

    Open a file, paste data, save as

    Hi, I need to copy some data every month, paste it into a spreadsheet and then save it as a new file with updated date Sub InvoiceBackup() Sheets("ASM001").Select Range("A1048576").End(xlUp).Select If ActiveCell.Row = 5 Then Exit Sub Range( _...
  8. T

    Pivot Table subtotal error

    <tbody> <tbody> Actual </tbody> <tbody> Current </tbody> <tbody> Needed </tbody> <tbody> Store A </tbody> <tbody> Prod A </tbody> 3 3 3 <tbody> Prod B </tbody> -5 <tbody> Prod C </tbody> 7 7 7 <tbody> Store A Total </tbody> 5 5 10...
  9. M

    VBA - Going from 2003 to 2007

    Hi I have recently upgraded excel from 2003 to 2007. Now a report that I run with quite a lot of VBA-code is not working. When opening the file I get a warning that not all content can be read but if i trust the user excel will try to repair the file. after pressing yes i get this...
  10. N

    Macro to filter Pivot Table by multiple cells in another tab?

    Please be kind, as I am new here and new to VBA in general. I have an Excel 2007 problem I’m trying to solve with macros and I’m hoping someone can help me with the code. Our company is structured as follows (except on a much larger scale, obviously):</SPAN> <TBODY> Mgr A Supv A Supv B...
  11. R

    Multi-Color Characters on Chart Titles on Excel 2007

    On Excel 2003 I was able to set different colors to specific characters on charts titles using a VBA command like this: ActiveChart.ChartTitle.Select Selection.Characters(Start:=33, Length:=4).Font.ColorIndex = 3 This was very useful because, imagine a chart containing Temperature data...
  12. D

    Excel 2007 overwriting 2003 files when toggle read-only

    This is not a VBA question. We switched to 2007 just last Summer (I know, don't ask). We have noticed that for files created in Excel2007, when the file is opened, it creates a temp file in the same directory with today's date and the original file is still shown separately with the original...
  13. I

    If statement for populating data

    Hello, First post, long time lurker. I've found many answers to numerous questions over the years on this great site, but I finally have one I can't seem to find a solution for. I have 2 sheets in this work book. Sheet 1 is a form for receiving in material, and sheet 2 is layed out to print...
  14. E

    Formulas in Excel 2007 Shared Workbook

    Hello all. :) I have a shared workbook saved on a network drive at my job. One of my ten columns contains a formula (the very uncomplicated WORKDAY formula.) After I fill new cells in the column with the formula and hit Save, I receive a Microsoft error message stating that Excel has...
  15. H

    HELP with vba FORM user input dictate ouput to row in table

    Hello ... needing some help with a variable, I want to be able to have data copied to a TABLE to a specific row based on user input "Textbox1". So if the user enters "2" then the below data is copied to row 2 and if they enter "110" then the data is copied to row 110. <START CODE:>...
  16. H

    Trying to add radio buttons to an existing form

    Hello I am trying to add several radio buttons. 3 groups of 3 ... grouped as follows: The worksheet is named "CoursesDB" that's where I would like the information to go to. combobox1 contains: fh1 - if checked need info going to (iRow, 42) ... value to = 1 or 0 ml1 - if checked need...

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