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    Hypothetical 24/7 LOOP

    Hey guys, I think I need to work backwards on my on-going issues. Let's say I want to create a 24/7 loop. I have a on-time WAIT application of 10 seconds - basically restarting the below. I want to find "1" in A1 on sheet 1 and then I want to grab B1:B5 and paste on Sheet2. A1 will turn...
  2. A

    24/7 rolling 7 day a week schedule gannt

    =AND(F$2>=$C3,G$2<=$D3) This is the formula I have in my conditional formatting for a gantt 24/*7 schedule. <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Angela Sanchez 5:00 14:00 Maria Grosso 7:00 16:00 </tbody> I have column A employee name, column c start time, column d stop...
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    excel file 24/7

    Hi I have an excel filewith web query. This query refresh every minute. If my pc is on - the file is refresh every minute. I want to know ,if there is a way to put this file on a server (maybe free server) or another way. My goal: The file will be regularly updated 24/7 (Not from my pc)
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    Putting a cork on memory leaks...

    I have developed a pretty large VBA project which started to eat up more and more memory as it runs, so I am interested in finding various methods to stop the flood. Some background info: - the project imports data from a variety of sources: HTML files, Thunderbird local folders, e-mail messages...

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