1. S

    Almost same product name in two different column

    Hi guys, I am using this string =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B:B;H:I;2;FALSE);"not found") 1 Example: In column B I have following text: Ipad 6th Generation 32gb Space Grey And somewhere in column H i have following text: iPad 6th gen 32GB Space Grey And the one in column H are deviate a bit from...
  2. P

    Highlighting every 6th occurence in a table - conditional formatting?

    I have a spreadsheet of customers but need to select every 6th occurence of a particular product to audit these. Is conditional formatting a way of highlighting, not every 6th item in the table but every 6th occurence relating to a particular product when the table will contain a variety of...
  3. N

    Problem with date and/or cell formatting

    Hello! I would need advice on cell formatting (I guess). Having a 4-week-table with dates, I would like to automatically highlight holidays like Easter, Christmas, New Year plus a couple of extra dates like 1th of maj, 6th of june, 6th of december. The cells to format look like c1=$B1+1 (for...
  4. Y

    Move specific sheets

    Assuming I have 10 sheets in a workbook, how do i move the 4th to 6th sheet to sheet 8 using vba.
  5. A

    Any Easy way to Split Multiple cells in sheet into separate rows??

    I've inherited an Excel file used for scheduling that has multiple timeslots in one cell - a formatting nightmare! Is there a way to easily split these (like the text to columns) except for rows? Thanks! example row: <tbody> Computer Lab 1 8:00-8:50 open 9:00-9:30 open...
  6. A

    locking cells below a particular row after above mentioned date

    Hi I am working in a small manufacturing unit and not well acquainted in Excel. It would be of great help to me if this forum could solve the problem mentioned below Each column from its 6th row has to be locked after the date mentioned in 4th row and time mentioned in 5th row expires with...
  7. K

    VBA find matching ID then compare other values in row

    To hiker95 I went through your earlier post - https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/855686-vba-find-matching-id-then-compare-other-values-row.html It was very helpful.. but it works only on 6th column. My requirement is that it works in all the columns that my excel sheet has...
  8. D

    highlight duplicates

    Hey everyone so here is what im trying to figure out. i have 100s of rows of data that i need to filter out if specific cells match each other so for example if A, B and C are the same as another other row with A, B and C i want them to highlight I tired some google searches and i just cant...
  9. How_Do_I

    Formula Help (Search)

    How can I fix the following please. I'm getting a return because the formula is finding the "6th" in "26th" but that isn't what I want. I only wish to find "6th" for 6th, not the 6th in 16th, 26th, 36th etc. Excel WorkbookGH2426th Battalion26th (Service) BattalionSheet1

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