1. B

    sort all sheets

    hello all, can you help please , I want to sort all my data on my sheets , if I put a filter on row 5 for example and sort by a-z on the "totals" sheet (10 columns on each sheet) this works ok but I want to get it to do the same on all sheets, and not have to open each sheet and do a sort a-z...
  2. G

    [Help] Look up Data, Variable sheet names

    I have a drop down list A-Z, and I have Sheets A-Z, each sheet has data specific to that letter. I want to be able to select a letter in the drop down and then below the drop down it pulls all the data from that specific sheet name into the current working sheet. How would I go about doing...
  3. O

    UserForm help!

    Hey guyz, I need to ask you for some help. I downloaded a UserForm named "AlphabetForm" and inside it is a textbox named "TextBox1". When I will type inside that textbox it will automatically take me to the target.row by matching the values in Column A with that of TextBox1. However, I need this...
  4. T

    Items in combobox added with condition of another combobox

    Hi everyone, I have a problem for a userform which uses comboboxes. So basically I have column A with "area" items and column B with "process" items. I don't know how many different items I have in theses columns. But everytime you have an area, you have a process written next to it. I want a...
  5. B

    Index & Match??

    Hey all, I have the following problem which I hope someone may be able to support with?! I have a list of locations in A-Z assigned to an Area Example from Cell E1 and F1 downwards... <tbody> 1 Aberdeen 2 Ashford 1 Aberdeen II </tbody> What I'm looking to do is in cell B1 have a box...
  6. Trevor3007

    auto sort colum

    hi, can some canny person send me the VBA to auto sort A2:A200 so everytime a new enter is placed within the applicable it will A-Z automatically? Many thanks in advance & for your help too. KR Trevor3007
  7. I

    Worksheet sort A-Z puts image out of sync

    Hi. On my worksheet in each row at column B is an inserted picture. When i go to say column C and select sort A-Z one particular picture is placed on top of another picture further down the list. I notice this because of where it is supposed to be is now a empty cell,looking down the list i see...
  8. P

    Form Textbox to only allow a-z, 0-9 and a few other values

    Is there a way where I can limited a userform textbox to only allow the following to be entered a-z A-Z 0-9 Full Stop . Comma , Forward Slash / Backward Slash \ Minus - Single Space With a msgbox popping up if any other value is entered. My code that I have brings up an error message but...
  9. O

    Formula to extract only non-special characters: A to Z, a to z and 0 to 9

    Hello all, Like the title here suggests, what formula will extract characters A-Z , a-z and 0-9 from a cell. Hence omit . spaces, dots, semicolon, question-mark, exclamation marks etc. for instance. From A8^Kite? abc 450 4xsection- action? 54 12/31/2017 To A8Kite abc450 4xsection action 54...
  10. M

    Dual language dictionary

    Hello to whomever reads this, I am trying to create a Dutch to English dictionary, I have been listing words and their translations into excel. Additionally, I am toying with third and fourth columns that would display notes and an example sentence. I would like to be able to do the follow...
  11. A

    Sorting Easy Question

    Seems simple but I'm just not there yet....but how do I get excel VBA to sort all the cells in column "G" in alphabetical order from A-Z? I tried this but I know ist wayyy off: With Range("G" & Rows.Count).Select .Sort.SortFields.Clear .Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range("G1" _ )...

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