1. Q

    Numeric value as a target for [mm]:ss

    Hi I'm trying to validate a result where the target is a numeric value but the result from calculation is minutes and seconds example: A1= 240 (target minutes) A2= 195:23 (calculated value between two dates and times) A3 = if(a2<=a1,"Met","Miss") I understand the calculated value is really...
  2. P

    Time band hour count

    I am looking for a formula to look in times in A1 and A2 (A1 has start time and A2 has finish time and tell me how much of that time crosses over the hours between 1800 and 0600 Example A1 = 2200 A2= 0800 answer would be 8 hours Any help appreciated
  3. C

    Value dependent on non-blank (not empty) cell

    Hi all, I have a sheet that has columns of numbers (lets say like below) A1= 1500 A2= _ A3= _ Or A1= _ A2= 1500 A3= _ They are all filled using formulas (lets say using a vlookup on another sheet). They may sometimes be blank as shown in the examples above. Only one will ever be populated...
  4. K

    Automatically Change to Correct Currency

    I feel like the answer is NO but I thought I should ask: If A1= list of currencies (USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP) Can A2= a number with the correct currency symbol from A1 Example: A1= USD A2= $300 A1= AUD A2= AUD 600 A1=CAD A2= CAD 100 A1= EUR A2= €500 A1= GBP A2= £240

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