absolute address

  1. S

    Absolute value of lastRow

    I have this Formula in my VBA: "=IF(COUNTIF(ProblemAnalysis!R2C[" & Count & "]:R[" & lastRowProb & "]C[" & Count & "],RC[" & Count & "]=0,""No"",""Yes"")" And have set these: Count = (Range(rngAddress1, rngAddress50).Columns.Count - 1) * -1 lastRowProb =...
  2. J

    How to change a relative cell address row, Ex: "=RC[1]&RC[2]" to absolute address in a do loop

    Greetings. I need to concatenate two cells using VBA, but keep ONE of those cell address absolute (the R[1]. I also need to have the code loop through the cells until finished. Here's what I've got so far. Do ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=RC[1]&RC[2]" ActiveCell.Offset(1...
  3. S

    Hyperlinks with Absolute Address

    I have an Excel report 'Report A' which contains hyperlinks to other files. The hyperlink is also copied from 'Report A' to 'Report B' and other reports which are distributed to users. Therefore the hyperlink needs to contain the absolute address. Excel replaces the absolute address with a...
  4. Maverick99

    Excel 2007 Tables Absolute References / Named Ranges

    This question actually involves both the use of Absolute References and Named Ranges within a Excel 2007 Table. There is a Formula in a spreadsheet, say, E18 (A1 mode) that has the following variables (it also works): =SUMIFS(Data_PI[Income],Data_PI[Accounting...
  5. R

    Copying formulas but keeping parts constant

    Hello Everyone, This is Rohit I have the following formula in the excel sheet.... "=C5-VLOOKUP(A5,Sheet1!A5:E8,3,FALSE)" What I want is , when I copy the formula in subsequent rows, the cell referencecs change accordingly.. like in this one, c5 changes to c6, a5 changes to a6, A5:E8 changes...

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