absolute references

  1. D

    Index Match formula and absolute column reference issues

    Hi, I have a workbook which contains 2 worksheets: 1 called MIPA and another called Dashboard Data. I am using Index Match formulas on several columns on the MIPA worksheet which refers to a named range on the Dashboard Data worksheet called Data (the data) and another named range called...
  2. M

    Dynamic Absolute Cell Referencing within IF Statement

    Hey everyone, Just had a quick question about creating a formula that would change the absolute referencing of certain cells every x amount of rows. Basically, I have a formula with 10 nested IF Statements, where one portion of the logical test needs to be dynamically absolute referenced (needs...
  3. Gingertrees

    Changeable references - how best to handle?

    Doing a daily report, in which I import 2 sheets to be processed, we'll call ClassReport and GradeData. Both have a varying number of rows, but have the same general setup each day. Say I want to pull in grade percentage for each student into Class Report, doing a vlookup referencing Grade Data...
  4. E

    Locking part of a formula with structured references

    This may not be possible but it has bothered me for quite some time. I'm looking for a way to lock part of a formula with multiple structured references. I'm aware that when using structured referencing that filling or dragging will shift all of the references and that copying and pasting will...
  5. M

    Data Sort based off of columns numbers stored in varibales

    Ok, so here is a fun one. My boss gave me the task of writing a macro that needs to be completely dynamic. The problem I have run into is when I want to sort the data on a sheet I need the sort procedure to be able to sort based of stored values instead of like "B2","B20". What I have right...
  6. J

    Making all Formulas in a range Absolute Refrences - Is this possible?

    Is there any way to make all formuals in certain range absolute refrences? I want to do this becasue I want to use the sort function in a table, and if the formuals are not absolute refreces and I perform a sort the values change.
  7. A

    Recording Macros Question

    HI, I am an absolute beginner and am following a book to learn VBA. I was wondering if someone could please explain to me the difference between ABSOLUTE REFERENCE MACRO RECORDING AND RELATIVE REFERENCE MACRO RECORDING. I tried doing both things but did not understand the difference. Your...
  8. L

    Creating a Loop for multiple rows

    Morning all, Forgive me if this is incredibly obvious, but I am a VBA novice! I am trying to create multiple invoices from my core data using an invoice template. I can get my macro to create one invoice but am unsure how to get it to loop through the remaining data. The code I originally...

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