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    VBA errors when apostrophe or double quotes are in String value

    The code below takes a table and adds a count to the rows based on unique values. Here is an example of it's output: row coName Sequence 1 ABC 1 2 XYZ 1 3 ABC 2 4 RST 1 5 ABC 3 6 XYZ...
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    Access Importing Problem

    Hi Guys, I made a Database already, I need to make a button in Access, Whenever i will press that button it will pop up the to select the files to import and then directly import it. IF thats not poossible then whenever i press the button it will check the folder if i found any new file it...
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    Access Importing Problem

    Hi Guys, I am trying to Import the the files from Excel, but when i am appending the second file its not showing the records or data in sheet. Any Idea whats wrong? Thanks
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    Getting weired error in the database

    I have a database running for past so many months and no changes has been done to it. Now when I run a particular query (again not changed) it give me the following error - Cannot open database '9 - Lan ID Update Qry'. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or file may be...

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